Dutch’s Bar & Bottle Shop

3378 Erie Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45208
websiteDutch's (Cincinnati, OH)4 stars

A funny thing of a concept in Cincinnati’s Hyde Park neighborhood, the Dutch’s shop is a combination bottle and craft beer bottle shop, as well as a deli and bar. The spot has a lot of people coming and going for different reasons, but its tiny bar room is always full and its extensive patio is welcoming on those warm weekends. As much as the spirits here are something to behold, I would say the the food just can’t be overlooked.

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The menu is deceptively short, but the sandwiches there are fantastic and not to be ignored. Some of the best things on the menu:

  • Short rib grilled cheese: The short rib has been braised and served in several different cheeses that give it a very savory taste. What works well on this one is the little bit of saltiness.
  • Prosciutto sandwich: This one relies on the strong taste of that meat and a little but of crunchiness on the bread. A jelly-like sauce on top gives a cool element to it.
  • Truffle oil popcorn: This comes an appetizer or a side. The oil is interesting, not too much of it sprinkled on top but nonetheless excellent. The popcorn doesn’t have a lot of salt, instead it’s served topped with a bit of dry, salty cheese.
  • Pasta salad: This salad is great with some peppers that give it a little character. What’s most fun though, is the big ricotta cheese chunks in it.

The atmosphere of the place is nice, but it’s got three very different spaces. The bar itself is pretty small and a little claustrophobic, but if you land a seat there, you’re golden. The staff is pretty friendly too. The outdoor patio is the opposite, it feels definitely more spacious and pleasant. I do think you’ll be partial to it when the weather is warm because most of the spots on this street have something of a cramped feel. Then there is the “Larder” which is the attached space where there is wine and a deli selection. That part is more open but has less seating.

Price points are pretty reasonable for the food. It’s clear the spot derives most of its business from the bottle business, and indeed hundreds of kinds of wine and beer can be found in those spaces. Much recommended for the selection. But I would say the sandwiches here are worth at least one try.


  • The sandwiches are popular, with the prime rib grilled cheese being particularly well known.
  • The bar is small and can be crowded but the outdoor patio is great.
  • Of course, the place also sells a lot of bottles of beer and wine. Plenty of varieties.

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