Aglamesis Bros.

3046 Madison Rd.
Cincinnati, OH 45209

websiteAlgamesis Bros. (Oakley, OH)
5 starsAs a little old-fashioned ice cream shop serving the Oakley neighborhood in eastern Cincinnati, it’s hard to miss the bright pink, colorful facade that hosts
Aglamesis Bros. This little shop offers a selection of delicious, refreshing ice cream flavors, as well as an extensive menu of chocolates that make the mouth water. Nowadays, larger commercial ice cream operations abound in Cincinnati, and it’s nice the city has always hosted a dedicated group of local creameries. When you set foot into this shop, you’ll find an experience that is becoming rarer in America every year: a pleasant walk-up shop with top-notch ice cream flavors.

Algamesis Bros. - Ice cream

The shop has about a dozen ice cream flavors available at any one time, and as it has had continuously since the Algamesis family began their creamery operations in 1908. Having been in operation for that long, the recipes are pretty set in stone. Aglamesis goes for the simple joys of ice creams and Italian ice confections: simple fruit and candy flavors, tried and true, and always good. It’s hard to beat the simple joy of the strawberry ice cream, for example, which the store touts is made with real strawberries. You taste the difference in the ice cream to be sure, compared to an artificial flavor or frozen, preserved berries.

Or perhaps you might like the cookies and cream? The best part of this one is how creamy it is; it’s almost like whole milk compared to skim milk, when you compare this flavor to something mass-produced. They say handmade goes a long way. In the case of this ice cream, there’s definitely a thickness to that cream that puts it above what you expect.

Service is great. Like many small businesses, this one is focused on the small business experience, and it keeps the customers satisfied with that pleasant feeling of an old-fashioned family business. Aglamesis Bros. is an Cincinnati-only business. It does deliver to neighboring states, but there’s only one place to go to get the experience. And it’s hard to beat.

There are too few shops in Ohio still doing classic, high quality ice cream favorites. But going to a place like this, which has been running for over 100 years, sort of takes you back in time. It’s a must for any Queen City foodie.


  • The ice creams in the shop are a notch above normal, very creamy. I suggest trying the classic flavors first, to get a sense of them.
  • There are also chocolates in the store, which are more focused on being given as gifts than eaten in-shop.
  • The spot delivers pints of its ice cream as far away as neighboring states. Check online for details.

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