SG-75 Gastropub (CLOSED)

Editor’s Note: As of 2017, SG-75 is closed. 

75 North Main St.
Springboro, OH 45066
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It is the reinvention of a small cafe that graced the main stretch of Springboro, Ohio, but SG-75 Gastropub (formerly known as Soooo Good Bar & Grill) is a beefier version of the original concept, in every sense of the word. This spot is built to focus on the four B’s: Beer, bacon, burgers, and bourbon. Definitely with a streamlined menu and a narrower focus: to be a place to grab good food and a good drink to go with it. Nice to see an option like this pop up in the suburbs.


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The spot cooks burgers to order, and that is the real bulk of the menu here, though a number of salads and sandwiches can be offered too. Interestingly, many can be made with portobello mushrooms for an extra kick. Among the best dishes on the streamlined menu to try:

  • Quesadilla burger: This burger is a funny concept: wrapped in a tortilla instead of a bun, and topped with some guacamole, vegetables, a nice pico de gallo, sour cream, cilantro and cheese. Bite into the thing and it’s the best of both worlds; a flavor-packed quesadilla, and a juicy burger. Cooked to order.
  • Hawaiian burger: This one is only on the menu sometimes. Topped with a grilled piece of pineapple to really kick it off; the burger also features a sweet Hawaiian sauce and a great coleslaw. The three flavors come together to really blast this one out of the park.
  • Coconut cole slaw: The slaw here is a unique take, actually; it’s a creamy cole slaw topped with coconut flakes that give it a little bit of an extra element of freshness to it.

The spot is fantastic from the service end; it offers a good menu of beers, though the number of taps are limited. But there is always something interesting and new on the menu to try. What’s better, the spot is host to a number of beer pairings and meal nights; nights where much more complex dishes and beer pairings can be explored. It’s fantastic. 

This spot has a really great niche for Springboro, a suburb which doesn’t have a concept quite like it. The food is simple and to the point, the drink menu is always interesting, and I get the feeling that there is always going to be something new to offer here.


  • The burger menu here is the best thing to try. For vegetarians, there is an option to convert much of the menu to portobello mushrooms.
  • There are food and drink paring nights here which are really worth a mention. These often feature things much more interesting than your typical bar.
  • SG-75 also has a great menu of craft beer.

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