Caddy’s Tap House

2760 Towne Dr.
Beavercreek, OH 45431
websiteCaddy's Tap House (Beavercreek, OH)4 stars

It’s the re-imagining of a familiar location for Dayton residence, but Caddy’s Tap House is a whole different kind of watering hole in his predecessors. The spot has a focus much more on craft beer, good food, and socializing. There’s definitely a sports bar aspect to it, but I’d say that this is more of a spot that you really like to go to enjoy some time with friends. The food here, though, can’t be ignored. Caddy’s makes a lot of great pub food in house, and its versions of these dishes make for really delicious fare.

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The menu is all pub grub, and it is delicious to be sure. Here are some of the best things I tried:

  • Tap house grilled wings: Giant buffalo wings that are char-grilled. Unusually, these don’t come doused with some kind of wing sauce; they’re dry and that makes them absolutely fantastic. You can taste a bit of smokiness in them.
  • Caddy’s Burger: This burger is above par, char-grilled and topped with the veggies and cheese. It’s juicy and perfect. It doesn’t need too much sauce.
  • Chicken satay: The satay comes in a few different flavors, such as Thai peanut. The satay itself I found a bit dry, but would be great with a dip.
  • Black Bean Burger: A house recipe black bean patty filled with grilled veggies and topped with a nice guac. Definitely house-made and great for veggie lovers.
  • Stone Baked Pizza: A thick crust pizza, low on tomato sauce and heavy on cheese, which is perfect. Very tasty when it’s simple and served with pepperoni. 
  • Philly Cheese Steak: The cheese steak is a bit heavier on the veggies and lighter on the cheese. A good sandwich, but more akin to a steak sub than a Philly.
  • House-battered chicken tenders: Pretty simple chicken fare, breaded in house and excellent. The tenders don’t come with any sauce, so I highly recommend asking for some barbecue or something else.
  • Hummus and pita: The hummus they serve here is that real great thick stuff that has a little spice to it, and is served with crispy fried pita chips. Definitely a heavy app.
  • Beer brat sliders: These burgers are absolutely fantastic. Mini brat burgers. What makes these so good is the condiments to go along with them: bacon cream cheese and bacon jam. They add a sweetness to the very taste sausage burger. The buttered bun makes the burgers over-the-top taste.
  • Sweet & Spicy shrimp: These shrimp are actually pretty basic and unremarkable, made steamed. But the real great stuff is the bed of Asian slaw, accented with a sweet chili sauce. A simple app, but a great one.
  • Sweet chili meatballs: Sweet chili is about perfect on anything. So it’s a natural combination to go with mass quantities of meatballs. Great finger foods.
  • Blackened tilapia sandwich: Seared tilapia with a nice asian slaw on top. A lighter option for the fish, but that char on the tilapia is perfect.
  • Apple pie dip: This is an interesting idea. Sweet pita chips served with a caramel-like apple glaze that you then top the crunchy pita with. Another one you have to try to believe. 

The restaurant is, true to form, really about the craft beer. In fact, dozens of varieties are on tap at a time, with a variety of styles represented and plenty of breweries, including many from Ohio. Some of the happy hour specials involve specifically beers from the Ohio breweries, which is great.

In all, I found service to be good. Maybe sometimes food takes a little longer to come than average, and I’ve also noticed there is significant wait time when the really busy hours bring in a lot of people. But I didn’t find anyone there to be discourteous, and I didn’t find any unreasonable hostility.

In all, Caddy’s Tap House is an interesting concept. This spot has regularly been a sports bar and a destination for east Dayton. I found the spot to be a worthwhile experience.


  • There are dozens of rotating beers on tap, including plenty of Ohio. Some of the Ohio ones are on specials for happy hour.
  • The food menu has plenty of options for which foods pair well with which beers. In other words, this spot is about perfect for beer nuts to really enjoy some drinks.
  • The outdoor patio makes the spot perfect for summertime, too.

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