Patriot Steakhouse & Tavern (CLOSED)

Editor’s note: As of 2015, Patiriot Steakhouse is closed.

1525 Germantown Dr.
Lebanon, OH 45036
websitePatriot Steakhouse (Lebanon, OH)3 starsSet up in Lebanon as a casual dining environment, Patriot Steakhouse & Tavern aims to be an approachable spot to get anything from a burger to a nice steak and everything in between. Fitting that it caters to the tastes of both Dayton and Cincinnati palettes, because this spot has a wide-ranging menu with a great variety of surf and turf dishes, each with an interesting little thing to make it unique at Patriot. The spot is one where you might expect to wait a little longer for your food, but it’s worth the time. I’m a fan of what I’ve tried here.

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The menu is massive. Here are some of the best dishes:

  • Grilled hamburger: This burger is a monster; 10 ounces of ground beef served up to order and topped with whatever you like. The burger that size takes a little longer to cook but when it does come out — it’s a very satisfying meal.
  • Pulled pork: The pulled pork is crisp and it’s got a nice, strong flavor of smoking, which makes it good whether in a sandwich or — even better — as a “pulled pork bomb” — wrapped in bacon.
  • Bacon-wrapped shrimp skewer: The shrimp is grilled with a buttery baste that makes it a little bit sweet, a little bit salty. For an added bonus, the bacon-wrapped shrimp are hard to beat.
  • “The best” clam chowder: This chowder is a little bit on the chunky side, with plenty of veggies and meat to really make it pop. Great stuff.
  • Cole slaw: This stuff is interesting; it’s a creamy slaw but with the addition of red peppers and mandarin orange to give it a little extra edge.
  • Smoothie: Hard to beat an extra-sweet fruit smoothie, topped with whipped cream.

The restaurant has a nice, friendly interior, patriot-themed no less. Service members returning or deploying get meals for free. The prices aren’t too bad, the restaurant looks to be a higher-end sports bar and that seems to work out well. At the same time, the wait here is a bit longer than your average restaurant. Expect to spend a bit more time here, especially in the dinner hour. That extensive menu may mean a lot of different things need to be prepared, but it’s also a plus that each of those ingredients seems to be homemade.

Lebanon is a great town for its friendly, small-time charm even when it is sandwiched between two denser, faster metro areas. But the friendliness of the place can’t be beat. The Patriot fits very well into that mold.


  • Military get discounts for deploying or returning service members.
  • Portions are huge, so plan to take some of what you order home with you.
  • The wait at the spot is a little longer than average. Keep that in mind while planning the trip.

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