Basils on Market

18 North Market Street
Troy, OH 45373
websiteBasils on Market (Troy, OH)3 starsOpened just off the square in downtown Troy, Basils on Market is a significant departure from the Night Sky Coffeehouse which formerly occupied this space. While it keeps the same intimate and cozy interior feel that made the former space so comfortable, this new concept goes instead in the direction of a high-quality bar with a menu of pub grub and an appreciation for the local arts scene. Good to see local artists are still represented in the space, but now you’ll want to take a look at that menu, too. The dishes you’ll find here are definitely worth a detour.

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Burgers and sandwiches make up the bulk of the lunch menu, while dinner has a greater variety of seafoods, pastas and other entrees. but there are plenty of great things here to try. Among my favorites:

  • Steakhouse Onion and Cheddar Burger: A patty made in-house, cooked to order and topped with an onion-cheddar cheese. What’s especially delicious about this burger is the little bit of smokiness to it; it’s almost a little bit crisp when it comes out. The cheese adds an interesting element to it, and the veggies make the whole thing great. Also, a funny little thing: Basils has a bunch of mayo options, wasabi mayo, chipotle mayo, barbecue mayo…whichever you pick, you get enough to dip your fries in, European-style.
  • Shrimp & Chicken Rockefeller: Gulf shrimp and chicken over sautéed gnocchi, in a spinach & caramelized onion cream sauce, finished with a roasted red pepper coulis. As it looks, wonderful and filling.
  • Basil’s Signature Fries: These fries are cooked in truffle oil which gives them a little bit of a unique flavor. What’s better, they’re then topped with a bit of large-grain sea salt and some Parmesan cheese. Extra crispy, and definitely memorable.
  • Asian braised short rib over fresh lo mein and marinated vegetables: A little something they put together for restaurant week, which to me shows the diversity of cooking talent to be found here. The short rib is just a bit sweet, served with a crunchy wonton over a bed of lo mein and crisp vegetables. It’s a well-rounded presentation with a lot of flavors.
  • Tacos: Topped with veggies and crunchy wonton wrappers. I tried one with mahi mahi, and one with pulled pork. The new location has smaller portions, but still great food.
  • Pesto chicken: The pesto pasta comes with grilled chicken and a simple, but very delightful, artichoke topping.
  • Lobster shells and cheese: Smoked gouda and chunked lobster top these shells to make them creamy and a little smoked. The grilled shrimp that tops them is very tasty.
  • Old Fashioned: A classic cocktail, the house recipe has just a bit of sugar in it, which highlights the muddles orange and cherry. Old fashioned has to be one of the most classic drinks. This one is great.

Service is great; food comes pretty quickly. Very in line with what you’d expect from Troy, the spot has a little bit of an intangible charm; friendliness is king, and the walls are filled with art for sale from locals. In all, Basils seems to be a perfect fit for Troy’s main square, both because it’s just so inviting and because the food you’ll find here definitely fills a niche that you won’t find nearby. Plenty of reasons to come back to this great spot.


    • The lunch menu is mostly burgers and sandwiches. For dinner, though, you will have a chance to try a wider range of things.
    • The mayo menu can’t be ignored, actually, if you’re looking for burgers and fries. Chipotle mayo, barbecue mayo, and wasabi mayo? Pick one and you’ll get enough to dip your fries in.
    • The bar is a great spot to get drinks, if that’s all you’re looking for.

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