Papa Kranky’s Italian Kitchen

4654 Wilmington Pike
Dayton, OH 45440

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3 stars

A simple Italian food operation along Wilmington Pike in Kettering, Papa Kranky’s brings economical pizza and subs to the south Dayton suburbs. This operation focuses on a take-out and delivery business that brings a pretty simple menu of lunch and dinner dishes to your doorstep. Of course pizza is a much-loved suburban comfort food, and this take on Columbus-style pizza really does make a delicious meal. The prices are good, the food comes relatively quickly, and overall this spot made for a pleasant experience.

The menu covers a range of typical Italian cuisine, with pizza at the forefront and also a number of subs, salads, and pasta dishes like lasagna, Alfredo and others. The pizza is the chief item on the menu; made in a locally popular iteration, “Columbus style.” The crust is cracker-thin, the sauce is a very sweet, almost fruity marinara sauce that has chunks of sweet tomato. Plenty of cheese tops the basic pizza — and of course the toppings of your choice. Personal 9-inch pizzas are pretty inexpensive with specials putting them in the $5 range. The pizza is good; it’s cooked well and seems to come out pretty quickly. The toppings could be a bit heavier, but that depends on the kind of pizza you’re getting. I’m also a fan of that garlic bread; served on a hoagie roll amply topped with mozzarella cheese and garlic aplenty. 

The service at the spot is pretty good, food comes quickly and they seem to be accommodating to guests. What’s more, the spot is built heavily around the takeout business, so it seems the first word you’ll hear of the place is through the takeout flyers they leave around town encouraging orders. It has a “Kranky Bucks” system of coupons that give you discounts on certain orders, and you can expect to find these via takeout flyers, too. 

In all, it’s a pretty straightforward takeout spot, but it has really carved for itself a niche in the local dining scene, an alternative to the better known but more expensive pizza chains in this part of town, Papa Kranky’s is a pretty safe experience.


  • The spot delivers and that seems to be the main way it does business. A menu of pizzas and other options is online.
  • There are plenty of coupons to get, most of which are handed out via flyers the spot passes around the neighborhoods.
  • The pizza specials are great — especially for lunch. But don’t forget about the subs and pasta, either.

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