Yat Ka Mein

2974 Madison Rd.
Oakley, OH 45209
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Oakley has a lot of kinds of food to try, owing to the young and adventurous population of this vibrant northeast Cincinnati suburb. So you can find just about anything you like in this neighborhood, including the pan-Asian tastes you can enjoy at Yat Ka Mein. This spot has the noodles you’re crazing whether they’re Japanese, Thai, Singapore or elsewhere. Noodle shops like this are focusing on ways to provide dishes that are more healthy, and in light of that, a lot of kinds of noodles you might not otherwise be familiar with can be found here.


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Among the dishes that I especially enjoyed:

  • Pad Thai: The Thai staple comes in a spiciness from one to 10, and with a variety of meats to offer alongside. The spices are pronounced in this dish, but in spite of the heat there’s a ton of flavor packed in to the noodles. I recommend getting them with pork, and for a little extra, get peanuts on top.
  • Lo mein: The common Chinese noodle staple, Lo mein is pretty straightforward. This dish is much stronger on just the noodles and meat. I do wish there were more vegetables in this one, specifically it could use some green onions, and maybe even a little garlic. But the noodles are piping hot and ordering with meat will get you a very filling bowl of noodles.
  • Spring roll: Of course a few crunchy side dishes are on the menu as well, including crunchy spring rolls. I’m especially fond of the heavy helping of large-cut veggies inside. There can never be too much of the crunch on a spring roll, and these are a perfect to accompany a good noodle bowl. They’re very inexpensive as an appetizer, too.

Service at the noodle house is good, and I found the people to be very friendly. Food comes out pretty quickly too, which is a good sign. The staff is sociable and entertaining, and when there is a decent crowd of people in the restaurant they still seem to manage the numbers of people well. I’m also a fan of the price points, which are very reasonable. The lunch bowls run in the $6 range for a ton of food.

In all, Oakley has a lot of spots for good food, most of them seem pretty low-key. Yat Ka Mein fits in just fine; it’s a place where you can get a simple meal and a pretty straightforward experience for cheap. I’m a fan!


  • The noodle dishes are very inexpensive at lunch. If you’re craving something crunchy, you can also grab some rolls for very cheap.
  • My favorite noodles are the pad Thai, though a number of styles like lo mein and udon are there too.
  • Food comes very quickly, so this is a good spot for lunch.

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