Dominique’s Bistro and Bar (CLOSED)

Editor’s note: As of 2015, Dominique’s Bistro is closed.

2600 Far Hills Ave.
Oakwood, OH
websiteDominique's Bistro (Oakwood, OH)4 stars

While many of Dayton’s best restaurants have found their way into the trendier newer developments, Dominique’s Bistro and Bar sticks with the old-fashioned pedestrian-friendly charm that is downtown Oakwood. Once known as C’est Tout, this spot remains in many ways the same in the capable hands of Chef Dominique Fortin. But the jazzed-up concept of this concept has also allowed its staff to experiment with some interesting and new takes on French cuisine. To be sure, the name may be different, but this is still one restaurant you won’t want to miss.

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Dominique’s specializes in lighter bistro fare, and there’s a definite vein of French cooking in it. This is one of the only places in Dayton where you can try snails, for example. I haven’t been that adventerous when I’ve dropped in, quite yet. Still, some of the lunch and dinner items are hard to pass up:

  • Roasted pork with coleslaw: This reminds me very much of porchetta, an Italian preparation of pork where it is roasted and seasoned and served on a sandwich with greens. The addition of the creamy cole slaw is a great extra garnish.
  • Prime rib sliders: It’s hard to go wrong with prime rib, and Dominique’s delivers on this tasty dish. The prime rib is served up rare with a white sauce that adds a little bit of sweetness to the tender, savory meat.
  • Mississippi mud cake: This cake is absolutely a chocolate lover’s dream. Soft chocolate cake topped amply with marshmallow cream and then a luxurious silky chocolate sauce that makes for a decadent dessert.

Chef Dominique runs a tight ship, the service at the bistro is always exemplary and I’ve always found the people here to be great; food comes pretty quickly, staff is attentive, and even when there is a crowd they seem to manage getting plates and things out of the kitchen quickly. The restaurant has also benefited from the interior re-do that came with the new name; it’s clean and has a simple elegance. It’s hard not to like the place. The prices are pretty reasonable, too.

There isn’t a lot of French cuisine in Dayton — or Ohio in general — and in that context it’s great to see what Chef Dominique has built here in Oakwood. It’s a spot that a lot of longtime Dayton people have known and loved through its changes, but the food has always remained top-notch. If you’ve never dropped in on this spot for lunch, it’s highly recommended.


  • Dominique’s does a Sunday brunch; a little fancier than some of the other spots in town, and certainly worth a visit.
  • This spot is good for a romantic date or lunch with friends. It’s best equipped for small groups.
  • The food here can also be made for pick-up.

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