Yesterday’s Cafe & Tea Room

264D Main Street
Florence, KY 41042
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Tea houses are an increasingly rare site, even in a place like Florence, Kentucky. But those that do well, seem to do really well, carving out a niche among the avid tea-drinking population. While it sort of looks off the beaten bath, the converted home that is Yesterday’s Cafe & Tea Room has a lot of little things to draw you in, from homemade sandwiches, soups and salads to a variety of teas and several different styles. You won’t go thirsty with Yesterday’s extensive collection of hot drinks. The menu here might impress you, too. 

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The teas are the main thing on the menu, so let me talk about those first. There are dozens of varieties ranging from black teas, green teas, chai teas, spiced and others. A lot of different subtle flavors here. A newcomer might not recognize them, but people who are really into teas will get some of the good flavors. Here are some of my favorites:

  • Peach oolong tea: This oolong has a very subtle peach flavor. Oolong has a bit of a herbaceous flavor as it is, but oolong’s natural flavor doesn’t interfere with that great, light peach flavor. It also gives off a rich, fruity aroma.
  • Almond cookie green tea: This one has a complex almond flavor. It doesn’t taste like dough per se, but that almond taste is definitely there, and a sweetness gives it a pleasant aftertaste. 
  • Bubble tea: Bubble tea is more a style of itself, served iced and with tapioca pearls. A few different flavors, I’m a fan of the “black milk” that gives something of a mocha flavor. 

The food is good too. There are afternoon teas; which are lots of little sandwiches of different kinds and desserts designed to enjoy with a few different teas. There are also sandwiches, salads, soups and small plates like hummus and vegetables. I’m a fan of that chicken salad; unusually it’s made with a little bit of curry — not enough to overwhelm the chicken, but still good.

In all, the tea house is a quaint little shop, sort of a friently little spot where Cincinnatians and Kentucky people can appreciate the finer things of good tea. It’s a spot that fanatics of tea should make a point to visit.


  • The tea spot closes at 5 p.m., but it stops serving around 4:30. Keep that in mind, as the spot won’t serve close to closing time.
  • There are a ton of teas and some packages, some seasonal, offer a lot of groups of different flavors of tea.
  • The spot does afternoon teas and quick sandwiches on one side as a full-service tea house, the other is more of a shop for tea lovers.

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