The Flipside

1403 12th Avenue South
Nashville, TN 37204
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With the surge of new and interesting places in 12th Avenue South along the southern cusp of Nashville, a lot of interesting restaurant concepts have opened and begun to gain steam. The Flipside, a new restaurant concept that has been gaining interest, has been modeled after a 1950’s era diner at the behest of restaurateurs Jason and Libby Sheer and friend Tim Gibbons. This spot not only serves up regular dance nights to bring out the young crowd, but its special recipe of fried chicken has been turning heads for its crunchy, savory goodness. You don’t have to go far into the menu to see you’ve found something special.

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So the menu has a lot on it, but the people really get kicking for “Jack’s Best Chicken,” lightly breaded fillets of chicken pan-fried in a style known in culinary circles as “chicken Milanese.” The chicken is crispy by itself, the real magic is in that batter with just a few herbs and a little bit of tang. I’m a huge fan.

But the chicken is topped with plenty of fixings, custom combinations for every taste. My favorites:

  • Brunch chicken: fried egg, bacon and chedder atop the chicken. All the protein you can handle in this one, and yet the smoky bacon and the creamy egg are endearing. Chicken and cheese…two of the most American things, right?
  • Greenway chicken: Arugula lettuce, avocados and a red wine vinaigrette. This one lets the spices on the chicken speak for themselves, but the vinaigrette makes it a lot like a salad, too. 
  • If you aren’t looking for fried chicken, the menu also includes poutines, salmon, salads, and hearty apps like chili, nachos and wings. Shakes and floats are on tap for dessert, worth a try as well. 

The service at this spot is pretty good, and the food comes relatively quickly too. Price points on the food is also very reasonable, and all-told, the restaurant is a well-rounded dining experience. The atmosphere is great — definitely shooting more for the hip and younger population that haunts this part of town, but Flipside seems to be a pretty welcoming place nonetheless.

In all, it’s just another of the cool concepts that has brought a whole new character to Nashville’s suburbs. I’d highly recommend a visit to the Flipside for chicken lovers and trendy bar-goers alike. 


  • The chicken is the top item on the menu, with about 20 different styles for any and all palettes. Any can be made into a sandwich or served without bread crumbs.
  • For the vegetarians and vegans out there, the menu does have some soups, salads, and appetizers without meat. Might want to have your veggie friends take a look at the menu before going, though, just to be sure.
  • Parking can be at a premium, but there is a lot just a little bit up the street.

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