12 South Taproom & Grill

2318 12th Avenue South
Nashville, TN 37204
website12 South Taproom (Nashville, TN)4 stars

The recent expansion of America’s thriving craft beer industry has attracted not only a ton of new taprooms to Nashville, but also plenty of other bars with a focus on finding and serving the best of those craft beers. Capitalizing on the expansion of the 12th Avenue South area, the 12 South Taproom & Grill features a menu of pub grub favorites to enjoy with a variety of craft beers from the south and beyond. Not only Nashville’s top beers, but dozens of beers from around the country are on tap. There are a lot of good things to try here.

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The taproom looks to source ingredients locally. Chef and owner Will Shuff also has a few vegetarian items on the menu thanks to soysage. Here are some of the great things to try:

  • Taproom burger: Pretty simple, with lettuce tomato and onion topping the patty. The burger is char-grilled to order and it’s very tasty. The burger is also served with potato wedges with plenty of seasoning. A good burger.
  • Quesadilla: There are a few different ways to take the quesadilla, but a simple chicken one is pretty good. The chicken is grilled nicely and there are a few sides to go with the dish. I wish the chicken had more seasoning but there’s a lot going on there anyway.
  • Tomato basil soup: The tomato soup is delicious. Just enough basil to give it a little more dimension. Little bit of cheese and croutons make it a good, warm match for a cold night. It’s not always on the menu but when it is, I’m a big fan.

The food comes in a reasonable amount of time. I didn’t find it to take too long, but still the caveat on the menu is pretty hilarious; “If it takes longer than you think it should, relax and have another beer.”

Service is pretty good, though during rush hours the staff can occasionally get bogged down. But the selection of beers is great, and I think the spot is more focused on being a place that you can go to and relax a little, enjoy some beers and company. The whole 12th Avenue neighborhood has been transforming into something really exciting, and though most of the new craft beer spots are downtown, it’s nice to see something blossom here as well.


  • The beers on tap here aren’t just from Nashville, in fact there are a few dozen breweries represented from all over the country. The exact menu changes pretty often but in all looks pretty solid.
  • The food menu is a simple mix of bar food specials, but don’t discount it; the burger especially is great.
  • Parking can be at a premium, but there are spaces in a lot across the street, and behind the restaurant.

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