Nicholson’s Tavern & Pub

625 Walnut St.
Cincinnati, OH 45202
websiteNicholson's Tavern & Pub (Cincinnati, OH)4 stars

Nicholson’s Tavern & Pub is an Irish pub concept in the midst of downtown Cincinnati. With a menu full of craft beers and cocktails, the spot is also packed with some really great pub-style cuisine. The spot is themed to be sure, but the concept is something of a hybrid between a pub and a traditional Americana bar; the close-in interior, tight booths and small tables in the front make it seem very much like an old English place, but there’s a spacious party room in the back and a patio in the alley nearby. Worth a visit.IMG_0121

The restaurant has a pretty big menu of a lot of different pub items. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Classic Pub burger: The burger menu is actually very custom, with a few different options. The classic is my favorite though,the patty is about a third-pounder which looks made in house and is very deliciously juicy. Veggies but no mayo make this very simple. A good take on a burger.
  • Buffalo chicken: This appetizer is as close to wings as you’ll get in this bar. Chicken tenderloin chunks lightly breaded and blue cheese, celery and ranch dressing. The chicken isn’t too crunchy, but the chunks are still great. The sauce is actually a bit on the spicier side for buffalo.
  • Duck fat fries: Fries are usually an afterthought at bars, but here they’re actually a pretty significant app. The duck fat just does something to make the fries great, a cut above many of the others you’ll find in town. Also it comes with ketchup that is house made, sort of a combination of tomato and cocktail sauce. Interesting.

The restaurant has a great selection of beers, many are imports from different parts of Europe, not all are Irish which gives you a lot of good beers to try. I also recommend some of the cocktails that are on the menu are good too. Really, the price points are a tad above average, but I found they’re not unreasonable. The ingredients are above grade quality, and while the food takes a little longer than average to get to you, once again I contend they are worth the wait.

In all, I think this was a pretty good place to try downtown, a little classier a take on the Irish pub concept, and well worth a try.


  • The burger menu is great, it’s a custom made menu where you can pick from a few styles and a few kinds of meat. Highly recommended.
  • The appetizers here are also fantastic and come recommended.
  • Try the import beer menu too, a lot of unusual brews to be had.

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