Abuelos Mexican Food Embassy

2420 North Fairfield Rd.
Beavercreek, OH 45431
websiteAbuelos (Beavercreek, OH)3 stars

It’s a chain of several dozen restaurants throughout the Midwest and central U.S., and Abeulos Mexican Food Embassy aims to be a higher-class restaurant with about one location in most major cities around the country. It focuses not only on the traditional Tex-Mex fare but also Spanish Tapas and plenty of other dishes. While the spot does offer an opportunity for nice surroundings and a pretty creative menu, the food here doesn’t always rise to the price points being asked for it. But still, I found the experience to be decent.

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The Tex-Mex staples are pretty safe. I’m a fan of a few of the staples, namely the salsa which shows up to the table first. Abuelo’s has three kinds of salsa, a chunky mild version, a thinner spicy take, and a guacamole-like sweet salsa. The chips are extra thin but the different salsas go well together. I’m also a fan of the basic tacos, a little crunchy and served with beef and a ton of veggies. If you like a few other meats can go onto the menu, such as fried or grilled tilapia, which ups the quality of the tacos. You can also get soft shell, and that’s good.

There are a few different combos where you can try enchiladas and tamales and other things like that. Otherwise you can find plenty of specialty dishes like carne asada, fajitas, burritos and other things. Or, of course, you can get tapas, which are inexpensive and true to form, have a variety of different dishes you might enjoy.

Service is pretty good, the folks here tend to get food out relatively quickly and come back to refill drinks and check for new orders pretty frequently. There’s an electronic screen on the table where you can play games and pay for some things, but it’s hard to figure out and might be easier not to worry about it. The restaurant is nice and clean, and has something like a faux courtyard feel, which also goes dark when the sun goes down, which is cool.

My only real complaint from the experience standpoint is the price. Don’t get me wrong, the food is good. But this spot prices things above average and I’m not convinced it is making food of any higher quality than your local corner Tex-Mex joint does for a few bucks cheaper. In all though, the spot was an overall positive experience and worth a return.


  • The tapas are definitely cool, many of the cities where Abuelos is located might not have another option for tapas.
  • Otherwise, the basic Tex-Mex dishes are pretty safe. Not sure I’m thinking the price points are making for a fulfilling experience though.
  • The bar has a pretty good selection of beers, including imports and local crafts.

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