Sushi Club (CLOSED)

Editor’s Note: As of 2017, Sushi Club is closed.

2098 South Alex Road
West Carrollton, OH 45449
Facebook pageSushi Club (West Carrollton, OH)3 stars

A new concept coming out of West Carrollton, Sushi Club has an interesting premise; a place where you can tackle sushi in quality–or, if you prefer, in quantity. It made a stir when it opened a few weeks ago with the idea of ‘all you can eat sushi,’ and while that’s not a unique concept to Dayton, it’s certainly refreshing to see the specialty kind of service the place offers being embraced so openly. People seem to like the elegant concept, and the food is a sound choice, as well.

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Among good menu items:

  • Samurai Roll: This roll is made with a crunchy center of shrimp tempura and soft avocado, and then topped with a spicy salmon and mayo. Tasty fish on the outside, crunchy texture on the inside. An unusual reversal, but it works really well.
  • Rainbow Roll: Crabmeat and cucumber on the inside, but it’s what’s topping the roll that makes the difference; a combo of tuna, salmon and avocado. Each bite has a little different proportion of each, but still altogether it’s
  • Yellowtail roll: This one is made nigiri style (where a cut of fish topps a small square of rice, with some wasabi between them) and it really rocks because it lets the yellowtail cut stand on its own. Delicious.
  • Spicy Salmon Roll: The roll is made with a nice spice-encrusted fillet of salmon. This one is good as sashimi.
  • Play Boy Roll: An amazing combination of eel, crabmeat and cheese, fried with a spicy mayo on top. Not the most healthy thing you can try but that’s fine.
  • Sashimi: Interesting, any of the simple rolls can come as a sashimi and the rice and seaweed is removed. Instead the fish is served in a cucumber boat. Delicious!
  • Crab Rangoon: One of the appetizers you can try, this, filled with cream cheese and imitation crab and fried. It’s mostly cream cheese, though, so it’s mainly the texture you’ll like here.

The concept is cool. Taking the “all you can eat” option and rolling with it. In the most strict sense there isn’t a set price — the “base” for the order is $17 Monday through Thursday, then $19 Friday to Sunday. But each roll is a small upcharge–usually 25 to 50 cents added to the bill. In the end it is still an expensive ordeal if you like a lot of sushi, but sushi is always pricey–even in a buffet!

That said, this is a pretty neat restaurant and its strong focus on sushi quality does will for the local market. It’s an interesting concept and I think it fits West Carrollton well.


  • All-You-Can-Eat sushi is the main draw, though watch the prices, it can still cost significantly more than advertised.
  • Most of the sushi rolls can be converted to healthier and lighter sashimi. Delicious!
  • Special rolls are also on the all-you-can-eat menu!

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