Dayton Urban BBQ

327 Mapletrace Trail
Dayton, OH 45459
Facebook pageDayton Urban BBQ (Dayton, OH)3 stars

Barbecue–a true Midwestern staple. You find more than a few barbecue joints around Dayton, but that’s because people here have a very refined palette for what makes good barbecue, and oftentimes, a lot of them end up having very different opinions on that. Amidst the very diverse local landscape, Dayton Urban BBQ has sprouted up as a food truck specializing in bringing the old-fashioned prep styles back to popularity. It shows up around breweries in town, it lands on Courthouse Square. This truck is well worth a taste.

Dayton Urban BBQ - Pulled Pork Sandwich

Take a look at the monstrous flagship dish at the food truck: this is the pulled pork sandwich; a generous helping of half a pound of pork topped with a sauce of your choice–Carolina-style is a bit more bitter as a mustard while Memphis-style is simple and sweet–and then stacked with another generous helping of cole slaw. That barbecue is spot-on delicious; cooked until it’s fall-apart soft and with a very slight smokey bark that gives it a little bit of a crisp side. Then its smothered with just enough sauce so as not to overwhelm what the meat brings to the table.

The vinegar-based slaw gives another dimension to these flavors, and all told it’s a plate that leaves you satisfied. Even the bun; basted with garlic butter and grilled, is great. And if you’re looking for something else, there are great ribs, smoked chicken, even carne asada.

The people who run this spot are friendly and the experience is well worthwhile. I highly suggest the spot, if and when you spot that titular black, chalk-covered truck, around town.

Flavors to try: The pulled pork sandwich here is one of the best in town.
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