Jimmie’s Ladder 11

936 Brown St.
Dayton, OH 45409
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While it’s at the edge of both the South Park neighborhood near downtown Dayton and the fortress-like Miami Valley Hospital, Jimmie’s Ladder 11 is frequented most often, it would seem, but students from the nearby University of Dayton. This neighborhood watering hole brings a ton of drink options and a place for live music acts, but don’t discount its menu. In fact, Jimmie’s has a delicious menu of bar food and at pretty reasonable prices. I consider it something of a dark horse in town; not a ton of people outside UD frequent the place, and they’re missing out.

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Pub Grub is the name of the game at Jimmie’s. Among my favorite items:

  • Hawaiian Burger: A half-pound burger with grilled pineapple, bacon, a “hula sauce which is a great, sweet extra that complements the tang of the pepper jack cheese.
  • Wings: I love these because they’re enormous. Honey teriyaki happens to be my favorite flavor, it’s got the teriyaki tang but a little bit of a bright note in the honey.
  • Pork Rhinds: How often do you see house-made pork rhinds? These are excellent, extremely crispy and very fresh. Just a splash of paprika give them some warm heat too. Served bone in, and they’re excellent.
  • Sweet Potato Fries: Interesting, normally these are heavy on the brown sugar or some kind of buttery sauce, but these are sprinkled with cinnamon. It sounds like an odd thing actually, and I’ll agree there was some getting used to. But in the end the result was still great.
  • Cole slaw: The cole slaw here at Jimmie’s is a vinegar option, extremely bitter in all the right ways. My favorite take on cole slaw.

The service at the restaurant is great. There are times it can be slower and food can take longer than average to arrive, but it’s worth it when it comes. The interior is spacious and great for groups or small parties alike, and it’s well suited for entertainment. Indeed, the stage is filled many a night with acts ranging from jazz to rock and a variety of other local flavors that make Dayton’s music scene.

The prices here are a little higher than average but the quality is there to match. In all, Jimmie’s Ladder 11 isn’t just a college bar like a lot of people tend to think that it is; it’s a place which has some great food to offer. The food truck that also serves from the place, Jimmie’s StrEATery, has good food too. In all, this is a great place to get some grub and definitely an experience worth having in Dayton.


  • The bar is best known as a scene for music, and it’s got some good acts that come through regularly.
  • The burger is my favorite of the items, the Hawaiian being my favorite. Good option.
  • Parking can be a little tight in the lot next door, but there is space in the South Park neighborhood, though it is sometimes crowded.

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