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A handy food truck that has sprung up downtown this summer, Lilia’s Outside Cafe is a simple trailer that has a number of creative items to try for lunch. The operation keeps things low-key with a menu of classic American cuisine. The vibrant local food truck scene has sprung up a lot of opportunities for people in the food business to innovate. And indeed some of the dishes I’ve seen here I’ve never seen anywhere else. But it’s the classic dishes here that keep my interest.

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My first dish was the classic slider burgers, served with sauteed onions to keep the arrangement simple. The beef patties are made by hand and the whole burger is fantastic in that regard, all of it tastes very much like it was made from home, without frozen ingredients. I’m a fan of that kind of cuisine. A lunch special had three of them served with fries for $6.00. Great things, all in all.

The other items on the menu show a larger variety. They serve a ton of things, quesadillas, chili dogs, chicken taco or fajita salads, and other things. The truck’s menu is based heavily on the kind of fare that makes a good lunch. Then there are more unusual items I’ve seen, one of them being the hot donut fries served with a glazed dipping sauce. I don’t know how often they serve this dish but it is one of those things you only find at a food truck and I’m crazy to try it some time.

The folks who run the truck are very friendly, and they prepare each dish to order in a pretty quick manor. That and the food truck is available for events, so you may end up seeing it around more often. Either way, it’s a good experience, and a safe place to get a bite to eat.


  • The truck is on Courthouse Square in Dayton relatively often and that’s the most common place I’ve seen it. The truck can also be found at events and by invitation.
  • The burgers are especially good but also look out for some of the other specialties.
  • There are some specials for lunch that will get you deals on good entrees.

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