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Wooster, Ohio-based Food Truck
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Umami Bites (Wooster, OH)

4 stars


A food truck based out of Wooster, Ohio just outside of Cleveland, Umami Bites is a truck with an interesting mission: bring street dishes inspired by backpacking trips throughout Asia to an approachable little food truck that floats around festivals and outdoor events in Ohio. It’s a very charming concept, and the small menu offers plenty of unique tastes well worth a visit. 

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The menu is pretty brief, but here’s what I’ve tried:

  • Wonton pork belly tacos: Here’s an unbelievably delicious concept: fried wonton wrappers as taco shells? That’s delicious by itself. Then you stuff it with pork belly and pickled vegetables…then top the whole thing off with a sweet and spicy chili sauce. It’s a perfect combo, crunchy shell, savory pork, sweet sauce. Makes for a perfect meal. The heat on the dish is very mild, but it does have a gradual warmth that I really enjoyed. 
  • Asian spiced nuts: This one seems to be a sometimes-specialty, it’s a mixture of different kinds of nuts, cashews, peanuts, pecans, and others, mixed together and topped with a great blend of spices. Not too spicy, but still there’s a really great taste when the combo of all the nuts and spices come together.

The truck seems to frequent places all over the state of Ohio, so in that regard it’s pretty hard to spot. That said, it keeps a pretty active social media presence so it’s a little easier to see when it finds its way back into a certain part of the state. It’s really very exciting to see the place going to strong and building such a following with such a wide coverage area. But then again, people will go long and far to find a good, unique flavor. This truck is definitely worth a try!

Flavors to try: Pork belly tacos are absolutely the first thing you should grab here. 
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