311 Drafthouse

311 North Main St.
Piqua, Ohio  45356
937.615. 9705
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Piqua may be one of countless small towns along the Interstate 75 corridor in western Ohio, but this town has an unmistakably different appeal. Its far-flung bike trails Bring people up from as far as Cincinnati, while its access to the Great Miami River often brings them back down again. Whatever the reason that people end up in Piqua, it’s pretty difficult for them to miss the 311 Taphouse along the city’s main stretch. This spot offers several dozen beers on tap at a time, and a lot of simple bar food that evokes the small-town feel of western Ohio. It’s a spot that’s well worth a visit if you happen to find yourself in this outdoor city.

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As far as food goes, the spot tends to go for staples that are actually pretty simple. Burgers and brats, the unmistakable favorite of the backyard grill, are the specialty of 311 Taphouse. Its dogs and burgers are often topped with a creative combination of specialties, including some of the favorite foods of the small town kitchen.

  • Bacon pepper dog: This char-grilled brat is topped with a very thick gravy and a few strips of bacon. To add to the effect is a toasted bun, and the end result is a really interesting experience. It’s a simple just to be sure, but no less worth a try.
  • Tomato basil soup and grilled cheese: The basil soup is good for its thickness, it’s almost a bisque and that herbal delicious soup goes perfectly with a pretty straightforward grilled cheese. This lunch combo is fantastic, and it’s $5.99.

Other brats include a chili brat, a sauerkraut brat, cheeseburgers, pizzas of all kinds like a Reuben pizza or a taco salad pizza, or a set of soups sandwiches and salads worth a look.

Service is pretty good, though like small-town Piqua it has a tendency to be a little bit slower than you might expect. The people here are very friendly, there seems to be a regular group of customers and the people who frequent the site most often seem to be welcomed by the staff. I have to imagine a lot of different kinds of people coming go through this bar because of Piqua’s location and notoriety and it’s nice to see that accommodating nonetheless.

There are a lot of restaurants along I-75 corridor and western Ohio, some are more interesting than others. 311 Taphouse probably brings in a lot of different kinds of people, but I recommend it it’s definitely worth a try.


  • The brats are the real specialty at this bar, though there’s a lot of different pub foods to enjoy.
  • You might also want to give a try to one of the 20 beers that are on tap.
  • The draft house for several rooms, one is more of a lively bar scene, but there are several more for smaller groups or big parties.

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