Super Subby’s

5558 Springboro Pike
Dayton, OH 45449
websiteSuper Subbys (Moraine, OH)
2 stars

Dayton-grown Super Subbys has expanded to a dozen locations around west Ohio since as a very convenient sub and sandwich chain. The spot can typically be found in the blue-collar neighborhoods of the city and provides an inexpensive way to grab a sandwich on the go. If you’ve been around Dayton long enough, you remember the jingle on the airwaves about “fresh subs and salads and chili made right here in our store.” With those three staples, Subbys draws a pretty steady stream of business in town. That said, there’s a lot of other competition, and the niche here really falls in its economy.

Super Subbys - Classic Italian

The menu has a pretty good variety of subs ranging from meatball hoagies to Philly cheese steaks to all the cold cuts you can think of. The classic Italian sub, topped with ham, salami and all the veggies, is delicious, and it comes in several sizes. The meets are great, the quality of the food is pretty good, and all in all you leave the restaurant full. That said this meal is the kind of meal that is built for taste rather than health. If you have in mind that you’re looking for a healthy sub, it might be better to look elsewhere. Yes there are some vegetarian subs at this place, but in general,  there are not a ton of healthy options.

Besides are pretty interesting, you can have french fries, or onion rings and lately they have begun to offer chicken wings. Once again very filling sides, the ingredients are good, and the price is a little bit lower than what you might expect, but there’s not a ton of healthy options. All in all, there are a lot of other sub shops in town to deliver tasty food, healthy alternatives, and flavors that really standout. I’m afraid this one can sort of get lost in the pack.

Service is pretty good, this is the kind of place where you walk up to the counter order and then they bring you your completed meal. There is a Thone of interaction with the staff, but when you do see them they’re very friendly. And the food comes relatively quickly. This spot aims really to be a value location for subs, and in that regard I would say it succeeds.

At the same time Dayton is home to a lot of high-quality sub chains and though some of them offer more expensive food, at the end of the day they bring a value-added unique flavor to the experience. So bees is a safe place to grab a bite to eat, but beyond that it doesn’t really stand out.


  • The subs are the best items on the menu, there’s a list of prefab options that you might enjoy.
  • The chili is also worth a mention, it’s one of the better items on the menu.
  • Super Subbys tends to be located in strip malls, usually it’s got a pretty small dining room.

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