Bullwinkle’s Top Hat Bistro

19 North Main St.
Miamisburg, OH 45342
websiteBullwinkle's Top Hat Bistro (Miamisburg, OH)
4 stars

Downtown Miamisburg is a little off the beaten path as far as food in Dayton goes, but this spot is still not that far from Interstate 75 and the Dayton Mall, spots where most of the people in Gem City spend a great deal of time. Billwinkles makes a hodgepodge of foods ranging from typical bar fare to steaks and barbecue. Started in 1986, this spot is very popular with the crowd in Miamisburg popular, where more people from the region seem to be going for its growing dining and craft beer scene.

The barbecue here is fantastic, thanks in great part to what the bar calls “The Q Sauce” which is a dark and Yankee sweet type of barbecue sauce. It’s tangy without being too spicy and it’s a pretty good take on barbecue for the Midwest.

  • Burgers are what drive the best of the business though and Bullwinkles delivers with some great options for its so-called “Bullburgers,” such as a third-pound buffalo patty, a half-pound ‘black n’ bleu burger’ which has Cajun spices and bleu cheese. The signature burger is the ‘Sherman Sensation,’ a half-pound patty topped with that great barbecue sauce and some cheddar cheese, bacon and sauteed mushrooms. The burger is just a little bit smoky, which is just the right way to make a burger.  That cheese really kicks in to make the whole thing come together nicely, and it’s not too greasy in spite of the ingredients topping the burger. If, somehow, that does not sound appealing to you, then you can make your own burger!
  • Rib Basket: Served at lunch and cheaper than a half-slab, the fall-off-the-bone meat of the ribs and sweet, smoky sauce is hard to beat! Better yet, it comes with two sides.

Also good are the sides which include the classic steak fries, and my favorite, cole slaw. The slaw is topped with just a little bit of paprika that adds an extra degree of a little bit of spice. Normally spice doesn’t match extremely well with creamy cole slaw, but this stuff works really well, actually.

The bar itself is nice, it’s an extensive interior with a lot of dark-lit areas and a bar where people congregate. It’s a full-service concept and food tends to come out about average for wait times, maybe a tad longer, but at the same time the place seems to handle a lot of people at the lunch hour. If you prefer, there’s also an uncovered porch which makes for a great experience, too. One way or another, it’s the kind of bar that makes for a great lunch spot. In all, Bullwinkles is a great dining experience and it’s an option in Miamisburg that should not be overlooked.


  • The barbecue is interesting and the ribs make for a definite good first choice to give a try. I recommend that sauce one way or another, the barbecue sauce really makes it the best.
  • The burgers are also god. I recommend the “Sherman Sensation” or you can build your own.
  • The outdoor patio is a great place to enjoy some food.

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