Wick’s Pizza Parlor

975 Baxter Ave.
Louisville, KY 40204
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 Since 1990, Wick’s Pizza Parlor is been very popular tradition in Louisville. Now with four locations around the city, the spot has won a number of awards ranging from Louisville Magazine‘s “Best of Louisville” awards as well as the LEO Magazine’s readers choice picks. But at the heart of it all, though, it is a chain of very casual pizza joints the locals love to come and congregate to enjoy giant pizzas and a long list of great beers. It’s hard to visit the river city without hearing a mention of this place as one of its most popular establishments.

Wick's Pizza Parlor - Big Wick

The basic format of a Wick’s pizza is a thick crust with a crispy bottom, a healthy dose of slightly savory tomato paste, and a heaping load of cheese and spices. Even without the toppings, the pie is an inch high, but the pies the locals love are piled high with toppings underneath. There are about 30 different kinds of meats and veggies to top pizzas, but the specialty options are really where it’s at. 

For a real taste of Louisville, you have to go for the supreme pizza: the Big Wick. It’s got everything but the kitchen sink; tomatoes, onions, Italian sausage, beef, pepperoni, green olives, black olives, mushrooms and green peppers. One piece of pie is a hefty order, but you bite into it and you’re greeted with a delicious mother-load of flavor; the fresh veggies, the spicy pepperoni and the ample cheese give you a million reasons to love the pie.

If you somehow don’t feel the pizza though, Wick’s also has a variety of other things you can try. Subs, sandwiches, bar food favorites and some classic Italian pasta dishes also seem to be very popular with the crowds coming through this spot. It’s easy to see where the popularity of the place comes.

Service here is great; the parlor is a pretty casual experience, with the price points being a little bit higher for the premium pizza but otherwise reasonable for Louisville. What people really delight in with Wick’s, though, is its huge selection of beers. Between the taps and the bottle selection, there are well over 50 beers to choose  from, and the selection is constantly changing. The much-loved spot has a larger restaurant side where big groups can congregate, as well as more of a bar place. 

Wick’s is a great representation of Nashville; a very welcoming sort of place built for people to come together and enjoy some pizza. It’s well worth a visit.


  • The bar is best known for the legendary pizzas. Get one of the premium types first, but bring some friends! These pizzas are huge.
  • Beer is the other big thing that people love about Wick’s, there are a ton of options and a frequently rotating menu. 
  • If you don’t feel like pizza, there are a huge number of other things on the menu, including pasta and bar food.

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