Cake Flour

2420 Lime Kiln Lane Suite C
Louisville, KY 40222
websiteCake Flour - Cupcakes3 stars

A bakery that serves the Lyndon area of northeast Louisville, Cake Flour is a great spot for Kentucky folks to try a wide variety of baked goodies. The brainchild of New York-educated baker Claudia DeLatorre, Cake Flour looks to bring organic, high-quality baked ingredients to its products, and the result is a great menu of cupcakes, pastries, cakes and baked favorites with a lot of love and a few unique flavors. It’s an interesting spot, and one that seems to have carved out a good niche in Louisville as a unique bakery.

The cupcakes are an interesting centerpiece of the menu. Cake Flour looks to produce cupcakes that are multi layered in flavors, and its staples include a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, a triple dark chocolate and a dulce de leche vanilla and caramel combo. The cakes themselves are fantastic. A little bit dense and light on the sugar; so the palette isn’t overwhelmed with sweetness when you bite into them. The butter cream frosting, in the meantime, is light and with a reduced level of sweetness also. The end result is a lot more flavor comes through. Also interesting, the spot strives to allow you to enjoy its cupcakes at room temperature, as opposed to cold in the way that many other spots store them.

Organic is the word on many of the items of the menu, and it’s a pretty major component of the ingredients as well. Some of the goodies also come gluten-free. All told, though, it’s delightful how many of the classic Kentucky sweets are recognized in this menu, from bourbon balls to opera cakes, and even simple ones like cinnamon buns, scones and biscuits. It’s a deft hand, indeed that can do such a wide range of baked goods and manage them well. This said, the price points are a bit above the market average in Louisville. But my experience is that the quality is there; this is more of a higher-end bakery with higher-end flavor profiles.

Good bakeries are often a difficult prospect to maintain amid competition with bigger chains and other kinds of stores. In that market, though, Cake Flour seems to have found a good niche. It’s a multi-faceted place that takes a lot of the delightful baked goods you already know and love, and turns them into a new experience. All told, well worth a visit.

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