Overtime Sports Bar & Grill

307 Central Ave.
Louisville, KY 40208
websiteOvertime Sports Bar - Burger3 stars

With three locations in Kentucky, Overtime Sports Bar & Grill taps into the big events that make Kentucky tick; in Louisville, it draws in crowds from the nearby University of Louisville whose teams bring out fans from all over, as well as Churchill Downs, where hose racing draws in crowds by the thousands. This spot looks to be a sports bar concept, a clean interior with a ton of televisions to see games all over the country, whether you’re looking for Hockey, the NBA, college football or anything else. The prices are good, and the dining is a pretty safe experience.

The bar has plenty of classic bar favorites, ranging from fried apps everyone loves with a game, to sandwiches, wraps, pizzas, calzones, and even the Kentucky favorite Hot Brown. The signature item I really had to try was the spot’s burger; the “Squeeze Play,” with two quarter-pound black angus beef patties with cheese between them, served well done and with all the veggies (and some extras for a little more) and it’s a filling burger. It’s tasty to be sure, and served with some salt-and-pepper fries to make it a great all-around burger.

The sandwiches and wraps are also great options, with the Philly cheese steak, for instance, loaded high with beef and cheese, while the wraps are pretty reasonably sized. A common theme of some sports bars is to almost overload you with massive portions of food, but I found the good thing about Overtime is you won’t leave here feeling stuffed or overloaded with leftovers. So it’s a pleasant option.

The bar has pretty decent prices. Especially on weekends, there can be drink specials which are worth a special trip. The service is decent, and food comes quickly. All told, a lot of the food here strives to be a safe take on a classic dish, whether it’s barbecue, sandwiches or burgers, a lot of the staples of a bar menu are well represented here. The experience is a pretty painless one, and the value is well worth what you pay.


  • There are specials each day of the week on drinks and food, which might be worth a look before you go.
  • The signature burger is a good thing to try, and there are also a number of other kinds of bar food that are popular.
  • This restaurant seems especially well suited to large groups.

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