Asian King

1259 North Fairfield Rd.
Beavercreek, OH 45432
websiteAsian King (Beavercreek, OH)2 stars

Completing the triumvirate of Chinese food shops serving the Beavercreek suburb of Dayton, Asian King is a spot that caters primarily as a delivery service to the nearby neighborhoods, competing against China King which serves as a buffet and New Great Wall Chinese across the street with its carry-out business. Asian King keeps it simple with a menu of classic Chinese food favorites, as well as some other popular Asian cuisine, like pad Thai and Vietnamese Pho noodle soups. The diversity of that menu is worth noting, but the dishes I tried have not impressed me.

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The Chinese food is the biggest component of the menu, and in some ways the food is at a higher level of quality than you get elsewhere in town for these prices. But the end result: my mouth hurts. Let’s take a look at a few:

  • Sesame chicken: The chicken is good, with a dark sauce that does have a bit of a sesame taste to it. It’s not spicy, and it’s a good addition to the breaded chicken. One problem though, there’s just not enough sauce. It covered the chicken and that’s about it. There needs to be a little more — otherwise it’s sort of lacking.
  • Fried wontons: The wontons are stuffed with real pieces of pork — not a pork paste. It puts them above average in terms of the quality of that ingredient, but at the same time, they don’t come with any kind of sauce, and it’s a huge problem. Otherwise the wontons are just dry, with crispy, scratchy wonton and meat. Something is really needed here.
  • Fried rice: Actually, some of my favorite fried rice in town, this stuff is made not only with vegetables but also with some scrambled eggs and chopped pork tossed in — almost more other goodies than rice itself. Fantastic.
  • Pad Thai: The classic dish comes heavy on the peanuts and with a side of lemon to give it depth. Definitely will fill you up.
  • Pepper chicken: This chicken, fried and served heavy with the black pepper and green peppers, really rocks for the bit of natural spice. Get it spicy if you like, but good either way.
  • Mongolian beef: Stir fried beef, onions and green peppers in a sweet brown sauce. The beef tastes a bit frozen, but the dish is good with an order of fried rice.

It’s a shame to see the dishes suffer from a lack of sauce consistently — because some of the food is just great and others of it really came up lacking. That said, the price points are fantastic and on the lower end of the Chinese food in the area with about $5.50 for some of the lunch specials and $7.50 for some of the dinner specials, as well as some options for families. 

In all, the Asian King experience aims to be convenient and at a reasonable price point and in those ways it succeeds. But the food I tried there just didn’t match up compared to the food you can have in other spots in town. And that’s a shame. 


  • There are family specials with large servings of food, plus appetizers, soup and more, for reasonable prices. Worth it if you have a lot of people to feed who like Chinese food.
  • This spot doesn’t just have Chinese food, it’s also got some other favorites including Thai noodles and Vietnamese soups.
  • Some of the Chinese food is good, but bring water, or order some extra sauce, otherwise it’s got a tendency to be dry.

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