Press Coffee

257 Wayne Ave.
Dayton, OH 45402
websitePress Coffee (Dayton, OH)4 stars

Right on the cusp of downtown Dayton’s lively Oregon District, Press Coffee is a little hole in the wall along Wayne Avenue with a small but interesting menu of different coffee drinks. It’s frequented most by the folks who live and work in downtown, and Press has a very distinct feel, with its light wood tables and small countertops where folks have a tendency to meet and read. I’ve tried the spot a few times and in spite of some online criticisms I have found it to be a positive experience.

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Some of the great drinks:

  • Macchiato: This little favorite is texturally outstanding, silky smooth and served piping hot. The bit of cream on top makes it plenty sweet.
  • Latte: Velvety smooth with a strong coffee aroma and a clean coffee finish. Wonderful start to a day.
  • Chai latte: Lattes always have a smooth texture of course, and in that I’m a big fan of this one. What I really like is that spice, it’s just a bit stronger than I’m used to in similar drinks and it gives the latte just a little bit of a forward bite. The drink is refreshingly simple but delightful nonetheless.
  • Coffee cake: The cake is pretty simple, not too heavy on sugar or anything, so it’s a nice take on the coffeehouse favorite. 
  • Mocha: The coffee takes a back seat to a bit of the chocolate, but it keeps that nice brisk caffeine. 
  • Hot chocolate: The great think about it is this chocolate is frothy, almost like a latte. Warm, chocolaty, and perfect for chilly days.
  • Cappuccino: Not overly sweet, but still a bit of a caffeine kick for the morning. All in all a very easy drink.
  • Affogato: That dark black coffee with a little chocolate ice cream. Dark on dark flavors.

I’ll talk a little on some of the online criticisms I’ve seen of the place, because they often say the same things. I’ve seen a few reviews across the online spaces detailing the service at Press, and so I went in the last time specifically looking at the service the spot offers. Some have complained the spot doesn’t seem friendly, but I found myself that it wasn’t explicitly unfriendly. I didn’t find the baristas to be overly judgmental or negative, in fact they seemed to be friendly to regulars. Maybe they weren’t as relaxed or conversational with new faces, but not being talkative is not the same as not being friendly. Once again, I see this as an occasion where Midwestern niceties get easily offended. Some of the criticisms on the spot I found, honestly, to be a little ridiculous.

Press reminds me a lot of the little coffee corners that are found in the downtowns of bigger cities; it’s not a spot that is about dazzling with unusual coffees, or a grand room for big groups to meet and relax all day. It’s a spot where you go and get a good cup of coffee, enjoy it for a while, and move along. 


  • The spot has $1 coffee that people are especially fond of. This is the only spot that is readily close to the Oregon District, so it sees a lot of traffic.
  • I’m a fan of the macchiatos and lattes. Generally, Press does the classic coffee drinks in a high-quality form. 
  • The service experience has been good to me, reminiscent of a large-city coffee spot, but that said, some people have not liked it for that reason. 

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