Young’s Jersey Dairy

6880 Springfield Xenia Rd.
Yellow Springs, OH 45387
4 stars

Ask anyone in Dayton what they think of Young’s Jersey Dairy, and you’ll probably hear a lot of good things. Though it’s out on the edge of the area, outside Yellow Springs, this spot is far more than a simple restaurant. The multi-acre farm offers a variety of family attractions in addition to its much-beloved ice cream, fast food and homemade goodies, all while you can mini-golf in the spring, pick pumpkins and take hayrides in the fall, pet the animals and more. The crowds speak for themselves. Yes, Young’s Jersey Dairy is an experience.

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The menu here is a fast food experience to be sure, just about everything is homemade, the spot is something like a country kitchen, and there are about a hundred things worth trying. But let’s start with the ice cream. What makes it so good is how creamy it is. It’s not too sweet either. Some of the good flavors:

  • The cookies and cream is thick with cookies, which is what’s so great about it. It’s got a ton of texture but the cookies don’t take over the ice cream itself. 
  • The cookie dough is the opposite, though. That ice cream is so smooth it’s ridiculous. Just a little bit of a thickness to it, but that cookie dough taste is perfect.
  • Raspberry chocolate swirl: This is actually not an ice cream–or a sorbet for that matter–but a Greek yogurt; a thicker and colder medium that is creamer. A little bit of fruit adds a lot of character here.

The other food is great too. It’s fast food, essentially, and a lot of different items are on the menu, homemade.

  • Burgers: I’m a lover of the burgers, they’re fire-grilled which gives them a little bit of a smoky taste. You can get a few different kinds of sandwiches but all of it is pretty simple.
  • Chicken bacon club sandwich: A heavy club sandwich, a ton of meat and vegetables on top. This one you’ll want to eat half, a whole is very filling.
  • Amish beef and noodles: Chunks of beef and a soft and chopped noodle bed topped with thick gravy. Heavy food, delicious nonetheless.
  • Cream of Chicken Soup: Thick with chicken and veggies and a gravy-like creamy base. Filling on a winter day.

So the restaurant is packed. Unusually so for Dayton. It’s nothing someone from a bigger city won’t be used to, but either way expect lines. That said, the staff is well-trained with handling the crowds; the folks here are very friendly, and it’s fortunate that the customers understand this too, as the experience is pretty pleasant in spite of the number of people. It’s a family-heavy establishment, lots of kids and lots of groups, but there is a large interior where you seat yourself and plenty of space outdoors to enjoy things.

The Young’s Jersey Dairy farm offers you a chance to do a lot of interesting things, but the food remains on top. Young’s is a fantastic place and something Daytonians are very proud of. It’s definitely worth a visit. 


  • The ice cream is a must to try here at Young’s Jersey Dairy.  Plenty of flavors to be tried.
  • If you aren’t familiar, Young’s is not just a restaurant, but an entire attraction with a few different things going on. You’ll want to know a lot of families show up, and the experience is great.
  • The burgers are the best sandwich to give a try first. Excellent. 

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