New Great Wall Chinese Restaurant

1360 North Fairfield Rd.
Beavercreek, OH 45432
websiteNew Great Wall Chinese (Beavercreek, OH)3 stars

The Beavercreek area covers a huge area of the eastern Dayton area, and it’s home to a pretty major number of the city’s residents, thanks in part to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and Wright State University. One of the many Chinese food take out options, New Great Wall Chinese Restaurant is a family-run establishment, and indeed you’ll see a lot of this little family running about if you happen to visit. All in all, the  food here is a pretty safe option if you’re a big fan of Chinese take-out.

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The menu is pretty prototypical of the Chinese food takeout spot, a lot of chicken, beef, seafood and noodle dishes. Here are some of the menu items I like:

    • General Tso’s Chicken: This one is always a fan favorite, so I might as well talk about it. It’s a crunchy chicken with a very sweet sauce, not a ton of heat to it as others do. Good choice.
    • Sesame Chicken: Similar to the General Tso’s, this one has a sesame-based sauce though the taste is very similar to General Tso’s. It’s not enough to really say they’re too different. Good of course, but just not that different.
    • Crab Rangoon: The crab Rangoon is crispy with a little bit of a creamy filling. It comes with a sweet sauce that really complements golfing well. Great take on this very popular appetizer.

The atmosphere of the place is a very friendly, it’s sort of a small restaurant concept with a compact dining room and a bit of a simple feel. Most people seem to prefer this place for its takeout business. You will often meet the children of the family in the restaurant, playing and occasionally telling you when your order is ready or something. It is a funny little concept but something about it really grows on you.

The price points are pretty good, and I am especially a fan of the combination meals that offer a dish plus fried rice and an egg roll for about 7 bucks. That is a really cheap option the other spots in town often can not match. In all, New Great Wall is in a crowded field, but it serves a suburb that seems to have a special love for its Chinese food. This spot specializes in the economical, convenient, and pleasant dining experience, and in that way I think it delivers a good product.


  • The spot has a popular take-out option that is pretty quick at getting food out. I recommend it.
  • You might also enjoy one of the combination meals, which offer a dish, fried rice and an egg roll for $7.25 to $7.50. A good value.
  • Also, give a try to the Sesame Chicken, it’s a good take on the dish and a very safe experience.

One thought on “New Great Wall Chinese Restaurant

  1. That General Tso’s Chicken dish looks delicious! Do you have any of your recipes online? I’m not very good at cooking, so my wife and I usually go out to eat—Chinese food happens to be my favorite!

    Alex Jennings |

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