Flying Tiger Chinese Restaurant

60 South Broad St.
Fairborn, OH 45324

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3 stars

Okay, so apparently there’s a flying Tiger Chinese Restaurant and a Flying Dragon Chinese Restaurant in Dayton, both in Fairborn. Have I stepped into a rivalry?

Downtown Fairborn is served by a lot of different kind of food options but flying Tiger is more of a classic Chinese food concept. Serving the busier lunch hour directly across from Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, the spot has been in business since 1989, And it’s got a very simple menu a number of different Chinese dishes that you know in love already. All in all I think that it’s got a good dining experience and I think the price points are there to say that flying Tiger keeps up with the competition in Fairborn.

Let’s start with some of the good food dishes. I like the wonton soup, the wontons are ample and filled with veggies and meat, while the soup is interesting amalgamation that includes water chestnuts and even a little bit of pineapple. It’s a complicated flavor, which is nice considering most Chinese food places tend to just go with a simple broth and put wontons in it. I also gave a try to the chow mein, one of the traditional Chinese noodle dishes of crunchy noodles with a number of veggies and meats in it. Pork is a good option, and the crunchy noodles mingle with broccoli, carrots and a few other vegetables. And interesting variety of textures between the different ingredients but a brown sauce ties them together neatly. Served with rice, you have a plentiful meal for a pretty reasonable price. The ingredients are pretty quality and the price points are about on par with the other Chinese food places in the area.

The outside of the restaurant does look like you could use a refurbishing, but the inside is actually pretty nice. I found the whole interior to be a pretty clean experience, and the service was good. As with some other restaurants I have to address a common criticism that I’ve seen of the spot: I didn’t find the service to be rude. I would say it’s more of a cultural thing maybe a language barrier that is interfering with our overly polite Midwestern sensibilities. The food came out quickly, people were very quick to refill water and get checks, and they seem to know some regulars pretty well which says good things about its 25 years in business.

And all I found Flying Tiger to be a pretty decent Chinese experience, it’s a nice spot, the food is good and a very reasonable price point. Might want to consider this place if you’re dropping through Fairborn.


  • There are a number appetizers and entree items that are specialized for groups of two or more. I’d suggest this spot if you happen to have a large group that you want to bring.
  • Don’t confuse the spot with The similarly named flying Dragon Chinese Restaurant nearby, this one does not deliver.
  • Give a try to some of the noodle dishes, I really enjoyed those.

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