Ha Ha Pizza

108 Xenia Ave.
Yellow Springs, OH 45387
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3 stars

The colorful village of Yellow Springs northeast of Dayton Ohio has a number of interesting independent little restaurants that serve it. One of them, Ha Ha pizza, tends to bring in a lot of locals for a dine in or carry out experience with a bit of an interesting twist. There are a couple of pizza options in yellow Springs, but this one seems to be one of the most popular. With a pretty simple menu of pizzas, appetizers and a few other Italian foods, Ha Ha brings in a lot of people and especially on the weekends you might expect to see a wait. All in all, though that weight is a bit of a challenge, the food it ha ha is decent.

So there are a couple of different Italian food items to be sampled on the menu here, including some sandwiches, hoagies and appetizers. But like any good pizza place the pizza is the big thing on the menu. Ha Ha does not have any specific signature combination that really makes things shine, but it does have a number of interesting ingredients ranging from the very vanilla pepperoni and sausage, to things like water chestnuts and sour cream. I was a fan of the apps, especially the mozzarella sticks. Their fried, but the cheese is absolutely the most stringy, melty cheese you could ever find. Seriously, you bite into it, and that sweet mozzarella taste really lingers.
As for the pizza itself, I thought it was a pretty interesting combination, unlike a lot of local Dayton pizza shops this one prefers the old-fashioned pizza with a heavy crossed and lots of cheese. The crust was a little bit softer, and there’s a whole wheat option if you prefer something a little bit healthier. The pizza sauce is on the savory side but gives the ingredients a chance to speak for themselves. A whole pizza really isn’t that expensive, which is refreshing. There’s a sense of casualness to the restaurant. It’s kind of a laid-back place where people go to enjoy pie at each others’ company.
That said though the wait can get pretty significant, especially on the weekends and at dinner time. It can be a little bit frustrating sometimes, especially when things like refills and appetizers are slow to come out. That said though the place has a pretty robust delivery business and I get the impression that it’s pretty well inundated on the weekends. Still, if you’re patient, you might find that Ha Ha pizza is a pleasant experience.
  • There’s a pizza takeout business that’s pretty robust here on the weekends if you happen to live nearby.
  • When you dine in though there can be a bit of a wait, so you might want to expect that especially for going around mealtime.
  • There aren’t any signature pizzas but you might want to take a look at that ingredient list because there are a couple of interesting options you might not find on a pizza anywhere else in Dayton.

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