Another Broken Egg Cafe

3450 Rigby Road
Miamisburg, OH 45342

3 stars

While it was founded with humble roots in 1996 in a suburb of New Orleans, Another Broken Egg Cafe has since embarked on an extremely ambitious growth spurt, with now close to 70 locations planned or opened, many of which breaking into new markets all over the country courtesy of franchising. Among those recent introductions, the spot has opened in Ohio and some of the other major cities in the Midwest, bringing its own style of breakfast food and southern-fused seafood dishes. I like the idea, it’s new for this area, but some of the technique does give me reason to worry.

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The restaurant is set up as a brightly colored breakfast spot, with a light menu of omelettes, sandwiches and more as well as some seafood, a signature crab cake made in Louisiana and shipped to the locations across the country, and a reasonable range of dishes. Among some of the options:

  • Crab cakes: The distinctive crab cakes brought in from the Gulf Coast, atop an English muffin and topped with an over-easy egg and a creamy sauce.
  • Steak and eggs: Steak on skewers served aside eggs, English muffin and home fries.

The dishes are well-thought out, and the price points to them are pretty good. A lot of the ideas show promise; the crab cakes do show some of that freshness and plenty of crab meat, instead of the fillers that tend to dominate seafood like it in this part of the country. That said, the crab was supposed to be served with eggs topping it that let you break the yolks for a creamy topping. One egg was cooked correctly. The other was hard-boiled to the core. In a similar note to the coffee, which had a bit of a burned bite to it from over-roasted beans, this dish was prepared hastily, and unfortunately, it showed.

There’s something to be said, of course, about a new kitchen coming together and how the initial few weeks mean a few longer wait times and bumps and bruises are expected along the way. It’s of course worth going back; the concept is good and the food has promise. The price points are good and staff seems well trained at delivering food effectively. But the technique on the food will make or break the place. It’s my hope that as this chain grows, it doesn’t do so too quickly and end up losing out on some of that quality that makes people consider it distinct. There is so much good breakfast food to try already.


  • The spot tends to be a brunch and lunch-focused spot, so expect crowds then.
  • The menu of course focuses on breakfast items, but there is some seafood to enjoy here, too. The crab cakes are considered especially signiture.
  • A healthy options and vegetarian menu are also available.

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