MadTree Brewing

5164 Kennedy Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45213
websiteMad Tree Brewing (Cincinnati, OH)
4 stars

Cincinnati’s vibrant beer scene has a lot of stories of brewers who started in a basement and are now making beers that draw scores of people in. MadTree Brewing is the brainchild of a trio of homebrewers whose drafts were so popular they build a taproom to bring their brews to the Queen City. Now the Kennedy Avenue taproom can’t stop growing, not only has it got a healthy presence in bars of the tri-state area, but it’s growing distribution to Ohio and beyond. The beer are hard to miss.

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Some of the best things on tap are the seasonals, but there’s a core of interesting beer styles. MadTree aims to be experimental with its brews:

  • Happy Amber: A great amber ale. It’s got that bit of a biscuit flavor forward, and then there’s a caramel that comes after.
  • Coffee Table Blonde Ale: This light looking beer will throw you for one, the assertive coffee aftertaste and almost smoky mouthfeel is something to remember. 
  • Gnarly Brown: One of my favorite Ohio beers in the brown ale category, this one has a very slight aroma of smokiness. While the company says the malt flavor imitates a bit of the brown sugar, I think it’s got more of a slight coffee taste.
  • Lift: This beer has a tad of citrus to it, but the beer is a Kolsch, and the ABV is pretty low, so it’s a good beer primarily to enjoy.
  • Galaxy High: This is a higher-ABV beer, and it’s got an indescribable flavor with a lot of strong forward taste to it. It’s got that slight aftertaste like banana — that’s actually caused by the brewing process and it doesn’t actually contain bananas.
  • The Great Pumpcan: The annual fall pumpkin beer, this one is also good for its slight taste for the pumpkin — it’s not prominent, instead the flavor is a bit more of a brown sugar. It’s the fuggle hop. You just can’t replace that flavor.
  • Shade: This beer is a gose, a very light and fruity style of beer. Brewed with blackberries and just a little bit of salt, this one is good for a lighter drink. Not too fruity.

Interestingly enough, if you hit the website of MadTree, you’ll find the recipes for some of their beers. The spot and its taproom though, are an experience you need to behold in and of itself. The spot is just a tasting room, but it’s shoulder to shoulder on weekends, and it’s absolutely got the energy and excitement of a popular bar. This spot is one of the kinds of things that has made Cincinnati’s revival so exciting, especially when you think that its founders were brewing out of their basement barely 10 years ago. MadTree is definitely worth a visit.


  • The beers are available in a lot of local bars, and MadTree also cans them so it’s easy to take the beers home with you.
  • Brewers who love these beers can rejoice; there’s a set of recipes online. MadTree is very experimental so the brews it encourages experimentation.
  • In the taproom, there is a core set of beers available all the time, and then a number of others you can only find at certain times of the year. Lots to try!

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