CJ’s Burgers n Smoothies

4 S. Main St.
Dayton, OH 45402
locationIMG_14452 stars

With its location in the Wright Stop Plaza in downtown Dayton’s RTA hub, CJ’s Burgers n Smoothies is a food stand that makes a couple of pretty simple menu items to feed riders for breakfast and lunch. The stand offers some of the typical fast food as well as a few inexpensive breakfast items. That said, the spot is very simple. While that stands for something, especially considering it’s a local food place with the price a little below what you’d find in nearby chain fast food, it’s also a tad too simple for my taste.


The spot has a few kinds of burgers, of course the cheeseburger classic being the simplest, served with a mix of veggies. Other options include more of a barbecue themed burger and something like an Asian-inspired teriyaki burger with a teriyaki-mayo mix to add something interesting in. The burger is interesting, served with veggies to add something on. That said, it’s definitely a quarter-pound frozen burger patty that is served in a half-pound burger bun, which makes it more like a sandwich with a slice of meat. The fries are also frozen. Not to say there’s anything wrong with it, and they are crisp when served. But there’s nothing special about it either.

Other items on the menu include beef tenderloin sandwiches, gyros, grilled chicken, pulled pork, hot dogs and other foods you can take and walk with. There are of course smoothies. They do have some day specials, though, which is nice to see.

Service is reasonable, the spot is walk-up only and seating is provided within the transit stop, though it tends to be crowded with bus passengers most of the time so you might have trouble if you want to sit and eat somewhere.

Downtown Dayton has a dearth of traditional fast food spots, and the big chains seem to be content to stay on its edges. That said, this joint so close to downtown provides some of those foods but not in a way that is unique or really all that worth a special trip. I’m personally not impressed.


  • There are a few daily specials, certain burgers and sandwiches for sale at discount price. This is available at the stand.
  • The spot doesn’t have its own seating, and the RTA hub tends to be crowded much of the day, so you probably won’t have an easy time unless you want to take the food and walk it, or bus it.
  • Burgers are small, but some of the more complicated options are good.

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