Timmy’s Wok (Fairborn)

2620 Colonel Glenn Hwy.
Fairborn, OH 45324

3 stars

It’s unrelated to the Timmy’s Wok restaurants in Cincinnati, but the Fairborn Timmy’s Wok, east of Dayton, offers much the same thing that the others do: it’s a Chinese food take out option serving the surrounding neighborhoods with a cheap option for delivery food. While this spot offers much the same kind of dishes that dozens of others in the city like it, it’s got a slightly different take on many of those dishes that makes this spot all its own kind of food. I’m a fan.

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The restaurant has a wide variety of Chinese take out options, and it’s pretty typical of many locations like it. Among them:

  • General Tso’s Chicken: The fan favorite is made spicy, and it’s really good. The chicken is a little crispy, not too much so, but it’s in a sauce that is sweeter too. The key to this dish, there’s a little less sauce than many other places offer, but it makes the dish not overwhelming. Really good.
  • Sesame Chicken: Also short on the sauce, but this crispier version of Sesame Chicken has a very slight twinge of sesame flavor to it. The sauce isn’t sweet, a little more savory, and filled with sesame seeds. I don’t mind it, because once again, there’s just enough sauce to cover all of the chicken and some more for the rice.
  • Mongolian Beef: A sweeter dish, the beef is chopped with shallots and onions and served in a sticky sauce. It’s a bit salty, but what’s with that portion size? You get bigger portions elsewhere for the same price.
  • Crab Rangoon: Another fan favorite app. It’s filled plenty with cream cheese and some other items, about a perfect mix of them actually. And very crispy on the outside. It’s a great mix.

The service is good, and the delivery has come really quickly in my experience. I love the food, it’s very simple, and the price points are good. All in all, it’s a pleasant experience.


  • Takeout is good, the food comes really quickly.
  • The sesame chicken was my personal favorite here, I’m especially a fan of the sauce.
  • Order crab Rangoon if you are a fan of that dish, it’s exceptional.

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