Benny’s Cheesesteak

6495 Perimeter Dr.
Dublin, OH 43016
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Dublin, a suburb of Columbus, has a lot of different options for food, especially lately as a lot of development and new energy has come to this spot in the northwest corner of the city. A fancy new strip mall and associated development has massed along Perimeter Drive in recent years, bringing Benny’s Cheesesteak, a pretty simple sandwich shop, along with it. There’s not much to say on the place, it keeps things pretty down to earth and offers the famous Philly Cheese steak sub in a number of different varieties, all along with fries and other fast food.


There are a few kinds of Philly here, and each is more elaborate than the last. They’re packaged in 7-inch and 12-inch varieties, with a lot of options for toppings to add, many of which for a small bit of extra dough. The version I tried is the barbecue, where the steak is topped with a sweet sauce and some jack cheese for a little bit of spice. It’s not the ‘original’ — though you can get one, cheese whiz and all–but it’s decent. The steak is a tad higher in gristle than other spots I’ve tried, but the price points for the food are a tad lower, too, so there’s that to consider.

Also on the menu are a few other sandwiches and fries and salads and the like. The menu has an occasional set of combinations and specials, sometimes with a new sandwich being introduced. The food tends to run in the $5 to $6 range.

Service is decent, the food is cooked to order at a walk-up grill, so the servers don’t come directly to your table. It’s a pretty simple take on the street food concept, but even in a higher-scale strip mall like this one in Dublin, the spot is a good option for a quick bite to eat. In all, I would say it’s worth a try. The food is cheaper but I consider the value on par with what you’re paying for. Philly expatriates or those looking to give the much-loved sandwich a try might consider this a workable outside-Philly destination.


  •  There are several specials that come and go, new sandwiches being introduced that are served with fries.
  • The food here is less expensive and seems popular with families and bigger groups.
  • Food is decent, and pretty simple. The steak has a bit of gristle but it’s also cheaper.

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