Figlio Wood Fired Pizza

424 East Stroop Rd.
Kettering, OH 45429
websiteFiglio Wood Fired Grill (Kettering, OH)4 stars

Figlio Wood Fired Pizza has been in business now for close to 25 years, and with two locations, one in Columbus and one in Dayton, it’s an Italian concept that has big potential for a delicious experience. The restaurants, sort of low-lit and a little bit more upscale, offer a menu of pastas and pizzas and a few other things in an intimate setting that is especially welcoming to couples. Founders Peter and Laurie Danis, Ohio State University grads, have a lot to be proud of with this concept.


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Pizza and pasta dominate the menu at this spot, all of it a little more upscale and artisan type dishes. The spot specializes in dishes that have a lot of different layers of flavor to them. Here are some of the dishes I tried:

  • Chicken diablo pasta: – Penne pasta with with a spicy diablo cream sauce with a nice warm heat to it. The dish also features grilled chicken, fresh spinach and roma tomatoes to top it. The pasta is the most creamy dish and it definitely benefits from a very slight heat.
  • Pear and brie pizza: – Slices of fresh Bartlett pear top this delicate pizza, which also has a three-cheese combination of French brie, blue cheese, and prosciutto. It’s topped with arugula and spicy citrus drizzle. What really ties this whole experience together is its crust. The pizza is actually wood fired, and it’s got a special very light and thin crust that is crispy without being dry, sweet without being too greasy and a very simple, exceptional dish.

The atmosphere of the place is great, lots of little small candle-lit tables in recesses and crannies give the whole spot sort of an intimate feel. Suffice it to say, the spot is popular with couples and it offers a lot in terms of experience. The wait staff was very attentive and very courteous, and professional about bringing over refills and wine without interrupting.

The spot is wonderful, it’s finely crafted food and a very warm and inviting atmosphere. In all, not only a perfect place to take a date, but just a good place to enjoy a great experience in Italian food. I highly recommend you give Figlio a try.


  • Among the pasta, I suggest the pasta diablo. It’s a creamy pasta with a little bit of a warm heat to it. Penne and chicken are a classic combination but this is an especially unique flavor.
  • You can create your own pizza too, which I loved. The crust is what really makes the thing, it’s thin and delicate. But at the same time you can top it with a lot of fancier ingredients you couldn’t put on a pizza elsewhere.
  • There’s also a hand-picked menu of great wines to try.

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