Peach’s Grill

104 Xenia Ave.
Yellow Springs, OH 45387
websitePeach's Grill (Yellow Springs, OH)3 stars

Yellow Springs is an experience every Dayton person should have. The remote little town east of town is known for its interesting atmosphere and easygoing lifestyle. Yellow Springs is also packed with little local restaurants, many of which have been given top marks among the local dining scene. The big, pink bar along the main stretch of town is nothing other than Peach’s Grill, a music spot with a big menu, beers and a lot of different things going on during the week. The food here is a pretty decent local bar option.

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The food is a combination of bar favorites, burgers, sandwiches, fried food and other things. It’s not an unusual kind of menu for a bar. Here are some of the  foods you can try:

  • The Grinder: Ham, Genoa salami, pepperoni, provolone between a ciabatta roll and topped with banana peppers, tomato, Caesar dressing, lettuce and a delicious hot pepper relish. The combo of the meats is good enough, but the hot pepper relish really makes the whole thing. It adds a little bit of a warm heat, which is not overwhelming, but it is different. A lot about this one to love.
  • The Philly: Of course it’s a Philly cheese steak sandwich. Thin-sliced steak, onions and mushrooms on a french roll topped with provolone cheese. The meat is great, cooked but not dried out and without a huge amount of gristle which tends to make these kinds of dishes not work out well. I loved the sandwich overall.
  • Wings: These wings are huge and come in a few unique sauces. I’m a huge fan of the brown sugar sauce for its spiciness.
  • Something that’s good to try, a grilled mix of potatoes (regular, sweet and Japanese sweet) that makes for a colorful bowl of potatoes with slightly different textures. They’re topped with a warm sauce that ties the flavors together. Very fall.

Service at the spot is good and the staff remains pretty friendly even during the rush hour. Prices are high normal, maybe a dollar or two above what you might expect to pay at a bar like this one, but at the same time the spot elects to have more to offer than food and drinks, it is also a spot where you can go to whether you want an open mic night or a free music night, they have several of those each week. One way or another, I found Peach’s to be a positive experience, and a good representation of the exciting spirit that embodies Yellow Springs.


  • Prices are high normal, but I did think the food was pretty good.
  • The grilled potatoes make for a great side if you can get them.
  • There is a lot of entertainment to be had at the bar in addition to the food, such as open mic nights, live music and drink specials.

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One thought on “Peach’s Grill

  1. I liked their hummus and pita. I like it so much I have it every time I come here. They also carry my favorite beer – pyramids so I’m happy. Great place to come to especially in the Summer

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