Las Piramides Mexican Restaurant

101 West Franklin St.
Centerville, OH 45459
IMG_17403 stars

Dayton is home to a ton of locally owned little Tex Mex food chains, and Las Piramides Mexican Restaurant with two locations north and south of the city is one of them. The spot serves up your prototypical Mexican food fare in a large interior sit down environment. The popularity is clear with the locals, because these spots have been open for years and they keep their guests coming back, especially during the lunch hour. Las Piramides has some great specialties, and while the menu doesn’t do a huge amount of innovating it’s still a pretty safe choice for food.IMG_1136

The spot has the typical Mex food items, lots of the dishes that are popular in this area of town. Competition is strong in the Dayton market, but these foods hold their own.

  • Quesadilla: Simple as anything you’ll try it in any other place, the quesadillas are lightly grilled and topped with just a few different things, meats and cheeses depending on how you like them. I like the quesadilla because it’s not overcooked or too crispy on the outside. Great either way.
  • Seafood fajitas: The thing I really like about these is that they are blackened just a little and cooked until the veggies are soft and the seafood is a little bit buttery. It’s made with crab stick and shrimp, which are both tasty. The blackened veggies and buttery seafood is a surprisingly effective combo, and I’m a huge fan.

The chips and salsa is good, the salsa is very fruity and a little bit lighter. The Spanish rice is made with a little bit of tomato and some spices to make it interesting. The refried beans are really refried, and really more of a paste, but that’s fine.

Service is good here and the people seem especially friendly. Food comes pretty quickly and the price points are very reasonable. The spot feels in all, pretty welcoming to guests, especially in large groups, and I will note that in spite of a robust lunch crowd the food is quick and it’s also pretty hot when it comes out, too.

This spot has withstood the test of time as a lot of other restaurants have come and gone in the historic downtown area of Centerville. This neighborhood sees more and more concepts every day to cater to the vibrant suburban crowd, and while Las Piramides isn’t the most flashy or the most aggressive of them, the quality of its food speaks for itself.


  • There is an outdoor seating option if you prefer it and if the weather is good. Plenty of space indoors and a lot of area for groups of all sizes to enjoy this place.
  • I like the fajitas, they’re blackened and really very good especially with some seafood.
  • I might also say even the lunch portions of the food are pretty big, I’d expect to take home a box of food.

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