Voodoo Taco Co.

Dayton-area food truck
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Voodoo Taco Co. is one of the many food trucks which has popped up in recent years, also occasionally going by the name of “Gem city food truck.” This truck is a Dayton fanatic, oftentimes it can be found outside  the microbreweries in town such as Toxic Brew Co. in Oregon District downtown or Eudora Brewing in Kettering. Where you find the truck depends a lot, sometimes it’s in Greenville, sometimes it seems to stay south of town and sometimes it it at an outdoor rally. Either way, the tacos this place sells are top notch and one of the great options for Dayton mobile dining.

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The menu changes but in general the spot has a lot of taco creations which it serves mostly with corn tortilla and a litany of ingredients to make them pop. Here are two of the options that I tried:

  • Chorizo and Eggs: Crispy tostadas topped with fried potatoes, eggs, chorizo, pico de gallo, queso fresco, and cilantro crema. To be honest I didn’t get a ton of the chorizo in the taco, but there’s so much else going on that it makes the food fantastic. I do think the cilantro is what really adds to this one, it’s making the whole thing a very fresh, veggie-heavy dish.
  • Voodoo Breakfast: fried potatoes, eggs, blacked catfish, chorizo, pico de gallo, queso fresco, fresh jalapeño, rancharo and cilantro crema served with corn tortillas. Catfish is a great item and when it’s grilled like this, the much-loved fish dish stands out just a little bit, and the eggs and potatoes really complement what you get with the tacos. Again, a lot going on for this one but it’s great.

The truck isn’t really found at constant locations. It tends to go to bigger events and rallies, and it also tends to stick around the breweries. Often lately I’ve seen it behind Toxic Brew Co. in the Oregon District, which is great because that spot doesn’t serve its own food and people like to spend a lot of time there.

Service is good, the spot tends to take a little bit longer to get its food out, but at the same time, the spot has more going on in its dishes so I would say that it’s a great option even with a little bit of wait. The staff is extremely friendly and it’s very accommodating. All told, this is a great spot to grab some tacos.


  • Voodoo is generally to be found at events, but at the same time I have spotted them at the breweries around Dayton, particularly Toxic Brew Co. in Oregon District.
  • The menu changes up every now and then, but generally corn tortillas and veggies are what make them all really good.
  • Check the Facebook page for where you can find them.

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