Opening day special: Sumera Sushi

4313 Far Hills Ave.
Kettering, OH 45429
websiteSumera Sushi (Kettering, OH)4 stars

Dayton restaurateur Ray Wiley and his team has been fast and furious in the local dining scene of late, having founded Hot Head Burritos, a fast-casual concept that launched in this town in 2007 and now has over 50 locations. Now, Wiley and fellow food man Timothy Tefs have teamed up to launch Sumera, a fast-casual sushi concept that is now open in Kettering, with plans to take the idea and run with it. And the spot has a lot of potential. Especially if you’re new to sushi, now is the chance for you to give it a try.

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So the concept of Sumera Sushi isn’t unfamiliar, but this take on it has potential to get very popular. The spot offers custom-made sushi as well as noodle bowls with a focus on being quick and convenient. What’s more, this spot offers a lot of choices you won’t find in the fancier sushi spots, and it’s a really inexpensive chance for people unfamiliar with sushi to give it a first try. Does raw fish sound icky? Try steak. Or bacon. Or even peanut butter and jelly. Don’t like seaweed? There are soy wraps. It takes a great deal toward making sushi more approachable.

For the rolls themselves, if you want a pre-designed “specialty roll,” there are a variety of them. I tried the Spicy Tuna, wrapped with tuna, chopped jalapeno peppers, cucumber, Cream Cheese, green onion, and Sumera’s own custom spicy sauce, which is a spicy mayo. Spicy is a recurring theme in some of the sushi options (indeed, it’s a theme similar at Hot Head Burritos) but at the same time, the key component here is the ingredients being fresh. The green onion, for instance, is literally just placed in the roll and cut when the sushi goes through the steamer. It is not tossed into the mix pre-cut. Something to be said for little things like that in making the food more genuine. 

Sushi is now more loved than ever in America, but in Dayton, the best rolls are often in upscale, sit-down restaurants. In that context, Sumera has a huge potential for a quick and painless option to get some good food. While it’s certainly not the first such restaurant concept to emerge with that business plan, in the hands of the experienced restaurateurs that have started the idea, I’m thinking we’re probably going to see more of them very soon. 


  • The concept here at Sumera is focused on inexpensive and convenient sushi, and it’s a good concept to take someone who is unfamiliar with the food to introduce them.
  • The noodle bowls also shouldn’t be ignored. Very convenient meal made to go.
  • If you’re immediately smitten (or just like free food) Sumera has a deal that lets you rack up stickers on a card, for free bowls or rolls with your 11th purchase.

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