Tucker Pecan Co.

350 North Mcdonough St.
Montgomery, AL 
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Pecans: They’re a real point of pride for the South, and you find them in a lot of funny places driving through the small towns of Alabama. For Montgomery, though, your source of all things pecan-related is Tucker Pecan Co., which serves roasted pecans in different candied forms and a lot of other clothes, memorabilia and other things. Really, the show room is a collection of knickknacks that might remind you of Alabama’s capital city.


The pecans are candied in a few different options. They’re sold in one-pound bags, tins, corporate gift baskets, and some other great things. There are also pecan-type treats, including pecan pies and a few other things that might make for good treats. Here are some of the pecan flavors that I really like:

      • Roasted and salted: The original and simplest kind of pecans. Roasted but not too burned. Just a little but of salt really enhances the flavor.
      • Praline: This one has some great praline flavoring to it, making it a little sweet, a little bit candied and a great enhancement to the pecan. Of course it’s good!
      • Honey glazed: Very sweet pecans, because honey just goes perfectly with them.
      • White chocolate: White chocolate is a natural topping for pecans. The chocolate is a lighter taste and just a coating of the chocolate makes them a great candy.
      • Cajun roasted and salted: One of my favorites, this one has some cajun spice on the pecans making them the most savory option. They aren’t spicy per se, but they do add a great extra element.

The store is a spot where you can get some ice cream, some Alabama local goodies and other things. In that way it’s sort of like a souvenir shop for all of the state, with locally made things representing a ton of different goods. They were very friendly to an out-of-towner, and very understanding if you’re not versed on everything that they offer here. One way or another, it’s a great thing to experience a little bit of what this great state has to offer.


      • The pecans are served in one-pound bags that are the most popular. There are also plenty of tins and other options to send the pecans off and more corporate gifts.
      • There is a viable online business site for the pecan shop if you like to order some from far away and for delivery. You should know they don’t ship them in the summer, because the hot might make chocolates melt!
      • Also, the store isn’t just home to a lot of pecan goods, it’s also got a lot of other local goods to try.

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