Fallingwater Cafe

1491 Mill Run Road
Mill Run, PA 15464

3 starsFallingwater: It’s considered one of the greatest masterpieces of American architecture, and this Frank Lloyd Wright house is sort of off the beaten path in rural Pennsylvania, just outside of Mill Run, and a bit southeast of Pittsburgh. The spot isn’t just home to endless information about Wright’s lifetime and style, it’s also home to Fallingwater Cafe, an indoor-outdoor food spot that serves as the eatery for the house and museum. Odds are you won’d easily find a place that is convenient, or a menu that is as modern cuisine, as this one.

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The spot has a seasonal selection that you order on a menu, which changes every few months. The menu stays pretty small; maybe half a dozen items on the menu at a time. Among the items on the menu I enjoyed:

  • Butternut Squash, Apple, Brie and Arugula Panini: The panini is very interesting, a fall flavor, the apple adds a lot to the panini, and the squash is a nice light touch. Actually, the sweet potato fries that come with the dish are not fried, they’re grilled. But they’re still excellent.
  • Cuban sandwich: The Cuban has the great combination of meats and a real crunch to it. It’s served with a slaw that is great. Actually, the slaw is a little spicy, which adds a lot to it. And there’s a nice sauce that goes with the sandwich.
  • Grilled Sharp Cheddar and Apple Chutney: Chutney is interesting and a little acidic which is great. It’s served with a Kale and Champagne Vinaigrette Salad side which is also interesting.

The restaurant is cafeteria-style and you can pick a number of other food items to get, some desserts and snack foods, and other things. You can take some of that food to the outdoor part of the museum but not to the house itself. The prices are high, higher I think than they need to be, but at the same time you’re also supporting the museum with the purchase, and the  fact is you just won’t find another restaurant nearby because Fallingwater is so remote. So take that in mind.

While the price is higher, you can’t beat the convenience, especially if you’re here to see the house and you don’t really want to travel out of the way and get lost in rural Pennsylvania to get some food to eat. One way or another, Fallingwater Cafe was a pretty safe experience.


  • The price points here are higher, but at the same time the spot is about the only modern cuisine for miles around, so keep that in mind.
  • The menu changes seasonally, but it’s pretty friendly to healthy eating and dietary concerns.
  • Also, you can get snacks and other food.

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