China Wok

3195 Dayton-Xenia Rd. #750
Beavercreek, OH 45434
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Beavercreek’s China Wok — independent of other restaurants in town with the same name — is a Chinese take out option for the east neighborhoods of the Dayton area. It’s got a lunch buffet and it’s got a hundred options for different kinds of takeout combinations you can order. It’s not a flashy place, in fact it’s only to be found if you really know where to look for it, a small strip mall settled among many other restaurants. The food is priced a little below average for this town but I’m thinking the quality is there too.

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The menu has all of the favorite Chinese food options. There’s a $6.50 lunch buffet if you’re interested but the majority of customers seem to be preferring the stuff for takeout options. Among them:

  • Sesame chicken: The sauce is a bit thicker than average recipes and it brings a heavy flavor. The combination platter goes with brown rice and an egg roll for $7.95. It’s a reasonable amount of food, and the chicken stays crisp. The issue I take with it is the salt. It’s a very salty dish, unusually so for the other dishes of this type. It sort of derails the whole taste of the food, especially when the extra sugar makes it overloaded with both.
  • Fried wontons: An appetizer, you get 10 of them for $3.50 and they’re extra crispy and served with a sweet sauce. The wontons don’t have a ton of meat to them, mostly fried wrapper.

Other interesting highlights on the menu, there is a “diet meal” option for healthier options; all of the food on this is steamed, including chicken and shrimp veggie meals, moo goo gai pan and other things. Also, of course, there is a vegetarian menu for different dishes which is good to see.

Staff is friendly enough and food comes out pretty quickly. The spot is built for takeout; there’s no delivery but there is an option to order online and then pick up your food. The speed with which you get that food is surprisingly quick, even in a rush hour like dinner.


  • There is no delivery option here, though several nearby spots do. But you can order online for pickup.
  • The combination plates are the best value for takeout. If you like lunch and a lot of food though, there’s a small buffet for $6.50.
  • The food is heavy on some of the salt and sugar for my taste. But the business has a steady batch of customers so that’s a plus.

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