DiBella’s Old Fashioned Subs

2544 Zink Rd.
Fairborn, OH 45324

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3 stars

Now with just over 40 locations mainly around the Great Lakes region, DiBella’s Old Fashioned Subs is a sandwich chain that classes it up a little bit as a higher-end spot for submarine sandwiches. While many other sub chains focus on quick and convenient food, DiBella’s does things a little pricier and much fancier with its subs. Like many other spots, this one has an assembly line-style setup that lets you build your own sub, or you can pick from a selection of classic recipes you might enjoy. DiBella’s does some classy options for a good sandwich.

The sub options I liked included the “Godfather,” the Italian sub combo with Genoa salami, capicola and spicy ham. What really makes the sub is the bread; it’s fresh and delicious with toppings. You can pick from sesame, multigrain, or everything bread if you don’t like plain. There are a bunch of other sub options including a cheese steak, a meatball sub, buffalo chicken and a few others. The other option is to build your own sub. You can pick from up to three meats: ham, turkey, capicola, spicy ham, roast beef, Genoa salami and corned beef.

The side dishes are also fresh for the stories. I liked the potato salad because it’s a little creamy but it’s still tasting fresh, with some large chunks of potato in it and a few other things like celery and some spices. They have a number of similar salads, too, macaroni salads, pasta salad, and even leaf lettuce salads in some stores. Finally, you can get cookies here. Yep, fresh cookies. When they bake them, the whole store smells delicious, and it’s worth giving them a try.

Service is good, though with this kind of concept your experience with the restaurant workers will be limited. Still, I really like the shop’s atmosphere. It’s simple, straightforward, and clean. It’s a positive experience, and a chain that’s worth a visit for sure. Subs are a much-beloved tradition in this part of the country, and in spite of a very crowded market this chain stands out.


  • The subs are quality, and the bread is what really makes it all. I recommend getting the everything bread.
  • My favorite sub was the Godfather, though the cheese steak and the french dip also look great.
  • The shop has an email club with special coupons, worth a try.

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