Coffee Beans and Brew

7041 Yankee Road
Liberty Township, OH 45044
locationIMG_14033 stars

More and more new restaurants are popping up in the area between Cincinnati and Dayton as the two cities grow ever closer together. Monroe and Liberty Township, an area that has seen great suburban growth and most recently major commercial development, brings more people off of Interstate 75 than ever. Coffee Drinkers will find Coffee Beans and Brew, a concept that has some baked goods and plenty of drinks, that seems to draw a crowd of locals from all walks of life. It’s a cozy spot and a very friendly atmosphere that I’d find fair to visit a few times to relax with a drink and a book.


The spot has a bunch of custom coffee lattes with a few different kinds of syrups in them. Most are different kinds of candy themed, and the overarching theme is that the lattes are sweet without being overly so, Just a little touch to add some range to the drinks. The coffee beans aren’t roasted in-house, but still the spot does the products well. Aside from that is a number of other drinks that make the classic coffeehouse homely.

The spot also has some baked goodies, which makes it extra appealing. Maybe you might like a muffin or a scone? I liked the scones, a blueberry scone was great, a little crispy on the outside and moist on the inside still. It’s sweet and very easy to dip in the drinks if that’s your thing. Really, both the coffee and the baked goods are great.

The best part of the spot is its atmosphere. It’s a cozy little spot with a lot of chairs and tables and little things to enjoy. Really, the crowd that it brings in is from all walks. There are a lot of families and a lot of groups of people, there seem to be a wide variety of folks who enjoy the place, many of them either local workers or people who live nearby. One way or another, it’s a positive experience. Whether you go to settle in and spend some time in the store, or you’re just passing through and want to use the drive-in, this is a spot you might like for a cup of coffee.


  • There’s a drive-through on the side of the shop where a lot of people grab their drinks.
  • The atmosphere of the spot is great, and I’d suggest stopping in and spending some time there.
  • The lattes on the menu are the best drink to try.

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