Dulce Vegan Bakery

1994 Horsea L. Williams Dr. NE
Atlanta, GA 30317
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Modern American cuisine is a tricky thing. There are so many different ideas and concepts coming and going from today’s dining scene. It’s what makes writing food blogs like this one so fun. Hundreds of reviews later, though, some of the concepts blend together, some of the ideas become repetitive.

But every now and then you find something truly amazing. Atlanta is home to one of those things. And it is called Dulce Vegan Bakery. Today’s diner wants to find something interesting to eat on a healthier note. But vegetarian and vegan concepts that make amazing food are hard to find. Which is why Dulce is worth a special visit.

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There’s a huge menu with a lot of diversity to it. Many of the exact items change from time to time, but the overall theme is that all of the items on the menu are vegan. Some of the better items:

  • Black bean burger: It’s packed simply with black beans and some simple spices. The real secret to this one is the chipotle mayo that is made with red pepper and some other seasoning that really makes it amazing,
  • Tempeh sandwich: Tempeh is an Indonesian soy-based ingredient. Here it’s topped with a peach barbecue sauce and some light slaw to give it an extra kick. The texture on this sandwich is amazing, and very fresh.
  • Kale tabbouleh salad: Kale of course is all the rage these days, and this salad has a simple presentation of the much-loved ingredient. It’s topped with chickpeas and some tabbouleh sauce to hit home with all of the ingredients.
  • Cupcakes: I tried two of them; a black cherry cupcake and the lemon cupcake. Both had a delicious commonality, they’ve got a very light cake with a muted flavor by itself, and the icing is thick and flavorful. It’s amazing how it comes together, almost better than the non-vegan thing. How do they do it?
  • Apple cinnamon cake: It’s just fantastic. The cake itself is amazing, with so much to it, a little heavier but still taking a back seat to that delicious icing. Amazing.

The food takes a little longer than other restaurants to come out. It all seems to be made in-house, and so it’s understandable that it might take some time to get the food rolling along. But make no mistake, the wait is absolutely worth it. This is just different food.

Dulce is an undiscovered gem for Atlanta. It’s just fantastic food, and it has a really unique business model, catering to the vegan crowd. But Dulce is proof that you can adopt the vegan diet without missing out. In fact, it can open doors for you to really, honestly, unique food. It is absolutely worth a try.


  • The menu changes regularly, but everything I tried here was awesome.
  • Cakes are the best items in the bakery, and cupcakes are also good.
  • There is also a menu of coffee and espresso drinks to be tried.

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