Derk’s Filet & Vine

431 Cloverdale Rd.
Montgomery, AL  36106
websiteIMG_00203 stars

While Montgomery, Alabama is the state Capitol, it’s really not that large of a city. And so the best restaurants in town get passed around quickly until they become locally well-known. Derk’s Filet and Vine, a deli and winery concept, is one of these hidden gems, ticked in the shadow of downtown as a lunch spot popular with locals and downtown workers. The food options are varied and you can get quite a few groceries here while you’re dining. But like much of Montgomery, this spot has an under-appreciated charm.


the spot does a variety of hot foods, ranging from fried chicken and pork chops, to barbecue, steaks, fish, kabobs, and sandwiches. The exact menu changes daily with such options as casseroles and fish of the day on rotation regularly. The margarita sandwich which I tried was a grilled chicken delight with some toppings and a delicious slightly south of the border flavor to make it a bit citrusy and very fresh, but I was a big fan of the huge club sandwich. Stuffed with turkey, ham, bacon, cheese, mayo and plenty of other things, the sandwich is more than enough to fill the biggest appetite, and being served with a bag of chips it makes a hearty lunch to enjoy.

The beer and wine selection is significant, and includes both locally brewed favorites and some of the more popularly rated brews from around the nation and world. A large number of people who come through the place drop in to get a pack of beer or a bottle to go and the selection is full of regional favorites that an adventurous spirit would love to try.

Service is good, the walk up counter means you don’t interact with the staff as much as you might at a full service spot but they remain friendly. A funny quirk, when you are in line , cell phones are not allowed. It’s to ensure service is as fast as it can be without interruptions, but it is the first time i have seen an explicit ban on them.

Montgomery is something of an understated city, and it’s dining scene, while not substantial, is still full of a lot of local, Southern charm. In all, it was a suggestion from the locals and a good one at that. I would recommend the spot for a quick, hot lunch. Just make sure to leave the cell phone at the table.


  • The restaurant is a cafeteria-style deli and grill that offers a selection of different foods during the day, with different options for food depending on the day of the week.
  • The spot is also a place where you get food to go, some light groceries and a selection of wines and beers.
  • Sandwiches are great and very reasonably priced.

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