Doubleday’s Grill & Tavern

 199 East Alex Bell Rd.
Centerville, OH 45459
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There’s an especially large contingent of bars around the south Dayton town of Centerville, so it’s no surprise that a spot like Doubleday’s is as popular as it has been. The bar much resembles a classic, close-in dark tavern feel though the establishment is located in the fairly spontaneous Cross Pointe Shopping Center. The food is typical American cuisine, and the experience is a decent one for company and for a good experience at lunch. I’m a fan of the food and the people are great.

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Some of the good dishes that I tried here:

  • Monster Pizza: I see where the name comes from; it’s got just about every topping imaginable on it. Delicious, crunchy and full of flavor. I recommend the white sauce, and I also recommend the thicker crust for this pizza.
  • Burger: The Doubleday’s burger is the simplest take of the several options for burgers on the menu. The 1/2 pound patty is frozen but it’s cooked to order quite nicely anyway, and added with the vegetables, I find it’s a good solid burger to try. A lot of the other places in town have trouble pulling that off.
  • Pork tenderloin: The extra crispy sandwich is a good take on the legendary pork tenderloin. Pounded to a nice thin patty, breaded in a way that keeps the meat’s natural tenderness and juiciness, without losing too much of the texture in frying it.
  • Chicken noodle soup: Just the way mom used to make it! Theis soup is a heavy on the chicken and heavy on the veggies to make it full of flavor and texture. A cup of it makes for an ideal side if you’re bored with fries. 
  • Chips and salsa: A decent appetizer, though I wasn’t a fan of the salsa, for it’s generic and clearly not made in-house. 

The people are nice. Doubleday’s tends to get very crowded at lunch, and at times there can be a wait. The bar attracts a steady stream of lunch goers and the service seems to be very good at getting orders in and passing through pretty quickly. This is never a perfect art, of course, but by and large the food comes out pretty fast. I wish that more of the food like the burger was prepared in house but at the same time it’s a decent showing.

The monster pizza is well known in Centerville, and indeed the bar has a strong following. I’m personally a fan of the experiences I have had here, and I think that while the spot goes for a simpler take on the menu items it does in fact do them well. It’s worth a visit. 


  • Lunch is crowded but the bar still seems to get food out pretty quickly. 
  • There is a carry-out service if you want to take some of Doubleday’s food to go.
  • The monster pizza is a loved special dish here.  

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