Johnny J’s Pub & Grille

925 North Court St.
Medina, OH 44256
websiteJohnny J's Nachos3 stars

As a small chain primarily active in the Great Lakes region, Johhny J’s Pub & Grill is an Irish bar themed concept which has a number of options for food on that vein and a decent group of bar food items to go along with that. Across its locations, though, the spot seems to be a night scene in small towns which attracts a decent crowd for drinks and pool or other activities. It’s a good place to grab a drink to be sure. The food though, remained average.

A few things on the menu stand out to me, mostly the bar food options. I liked the Mile High Nachos — I ordered them expecting them to just have a lot of toppings, but in fact they are massive, and I’d recommend getting them for a group of three or more people, they’re not really something to tackle alone or even with two people. I also liked the Loaded Pub Fries, which are topped with bacon bits, cheese and green onions. They’re packed with toppings but they’re not overly greasy as you’d be afraid they were, and they’re also made to share. Seriously, the plates here were huge, and it blew me away. Altogether the food was safe though; for the price it’s about what you’d expect.

The atmosphere at the bar deserves some comment. Johhny J’s in Medina, near Cleveland, has an interesting concept, the inside is much like a sports bar with a spacious interior which also doubles as a place for bands to play. Then it has an uncovered patio with a giant Jenga block tower, cornhole and other things, which makes it a popular spot to congregate too. Then, there’s a covered outdoor bar, too. A pretty complicated setup, but it brings in a ton of people on the weekends, and there’s something to be said for how much the place has going on. I’ve liked nights out here.

Service is good, with the bartenders managing even the rush well, and food coming out relatively quickly, which was a surprise to me. The prices aren’t bad either, both for drinks and for the food on the menu. There’s something to be said for a bar that has so many things going on and yet seems to do them all in a pretty decent way. I’ve had good experiences here, and I’d suggest it as a place to try.


  • The bar has live music some nights which is a big draw.
  • The outdoor patio is also a big draw on weekends, and there’s something to be said for all the games and things set up around the bar.
  • Appetizers are huge, and I recommend being hungry to try them.

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